The adventurous adventures of Jake and Finn (adventure time)

When princess Bubble Gum is kidnapped by a mysterious black fog Jake the dog and Finn the Human need to save her before its to late!
The story will be flipped between Finn and Jake and Fiona and cake.


2. The adventure begins

cake`s p.o.v

 "hey Fiona whats this?!" i asked Fiona as we stood in the middle of a field

"It looks like ice from the ice queen" explained Fiona as she inspected the cubes of ice

"wahahahaha"  screeched the ice cubes as souls flew out and into the pine forest.

"what was that about?!" I exclaimed 

"i dunno but i have a bad feeling bout this?!" Fiona almost questioned

"Lets follow the souls to see where they lead, they may lead to the source of the mist but i bet the ice queen is defiantly behind this just think about it loads of princes have gone missing!" Fiona added.


Finns p.o.v

 "Come on let`s follow spirits" said Jake then they both stopped

" Hey look over there it`s l.s.p" I said to Jake

"L.s.p come over" I shouted 

" oh my glob it`s you" said L.S.P

"we were just going to follow the spirits and you showed up" I explained

"can i come" said L.s.p 

"I don`t think it`s the best idea sorry L.s.p" mumbled Jake 

"okay i was just asking" cried L.s.p so Jake and then they started to run again. When they saw the black smoke it slowly faded away when it heard Jake and Finn .

"ahhh we missed it " i said 

"and we were so so close to go away and save princess bubblegum" said Jake annoyed 

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