Vampires unleashed

a young couple who are engaged and painful memories arise enimes are found


6. worried sick

“i was so worried about you,” Kisa turned around, “I CAN TAKE CARE OF MYSELF!” Senri pulled his hands away, “i know but you didn’t even leave a note or take your cell phone” Kisa looked up at Senri, “THAT’S BECAUSE I WAS FERIOUS WITH YOU!,” Senri looked confused, “why?,” Kisa looked at Senri with an angry look in her eyes, “YOU LEFT KAGURA BEHIND TO KEEP AN EYE ON ME!,” Kisa ran upstairs to the guest bedroom and slammed the door shut.

 Headmaster Cusosamji sat quietly at his desk, studying Rika’s records. If she is to become a Dark class student today, then he would have to read up about her. “Everything seems to be in order, except one thing. “Why wasn’t her last name shown on any of the records?” the Headmaster placed the last page of information on top of the pile. “I better go inform Kyo of the new student, he will have to show her around.”


Headmaster Cusosamji called for one of the Light class students to go get him, but after a while The headmaster got impatient. “I’ll just have to go get him myself.” The headmaster walked off grumbling to himself.

Kyo sat on the edge of his bed, deep in thought. “How long do I have left before…” Kyo’s daydream was interrupted by the door of his room being swung open. “Kyo! I have some great news.” Kyo looked up to see the headmaster standing before him in a purple Dressing gown with Kittens asleep in a basket on it. Kyo sighed.

“what are you doing here?, Don’t I get privacy anymore?” The headmaster’s expression turned innocent. “well I sent a Light class student to get you but you never showed up, so I had to come and get you myself.” Kyo covered his face with his hands. “couldn’t you at least get changed?” The Headmaster started to flap his hand around. “Aww but it’s so cute! Why don’t you like it Kyo?” Kyo looked back up at the headmaster.


 “How can you like it?” Headmaster lowered his head. “Anyway that’s not what I came here for. There is a new student arriving today. I would like you to meet with her at 9:30pm in my office. You are to make her feel welcome.” Kyo didn’t move. “well, I guess I’ll see you then, bye Kyo!” the headmaster skipped out the door Kyo let out another sigh and fell backwards onto his bed.

Later The headmaster checked his watch 9:28 “kyo should be here any minute, and so should the new student. The headmaster tapped his pen on the desk impatiently. There was a knock on his door. The headmaster grinned and opened the door. There in the doorway stood Rika, staring at the floor. “why hello Rika, I’m headmaster Curosamji.” Rika didn’t say a word. “You are very shy aren’t you?,” the headmaster went back to his desk. “Well Rika, I have a boy who will show you around the school in a few minutes, his name is Kyo.”


There was suddenly another knock at the door. “Ah perfect timing Kyo, come in. I’d like you to meet Rika.” Kyo extended his hand to Rika, but she didn’t move. Kyo looked at Rika, “well shall i show you around the academy,” Kyo walked out the door, Rika looked back atthe Headmaster, “by the way if there isn’t a last name on my file it’s anoa,” she ran out the door and after Kyo.

Later when Kyo was showing Rika to her dorm room Kyo’s phone rang, “hello,” “where are you?, we’re meant to be planning the wedding,” “sorry Kisa i forgot to call you, I’m showing a new student around the school but i will be there tomorrow,” “ok I’ll see you tomorrow, love you,” “love you too,” Kyo put his phone in his pocket. “so was that your mum.”Kyo looked at Rika, “no and it’s none of your business,” Rika put on a sour face on, “Well someone’s touchy.” Kyo kept walking towards Rika’s dorm room, a little while later they arrived at the dorm rooms.“this is your room,” Rika walked into her room, “so what are the dorm rules,” “basically just don’t leave the dorms through the day and no leaving campus without permission.”

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