Vampires unleashed

a young couple who are engaged and painful memories arise enimes are found


5. stranger

This girl was wearing black boots, black stockings, short black skirt, a red and black corset and a leather jacket she had long black and purple hair with dazzling violet eyes, the girl lent down to help kisa pick up the invitations, when they finished picking all the invitations up kisa introduced herself to the girl, “hi I’m Kisa, what’s your name,” the girl looked at kisa and handed the invitations to kisa, “my name is rika, nice to meet you.” Kisa placed the invitations in her bag and zipped the bag up, kisa placed the invitation in the mail box, “would you like some help with hand out those invitations,” “shouldn’t you be getting home to your parents,” rika looked at the ground, “no i don’t need to go home yet i can help you,” Kisa looked at Rika, “well if you don’t mind, I’d love the company.” Kisa and Rika looked at the next invitation, Buzen and Yona, the invitation didn’t have and address, “so where do they live,’ kisa looked at Rika, “well i don’t actually know,” rika shut her eyes for a minute, “they wouldn’t happen to be Buzen tasuki and Yona shinshom,” “YES! They are, do you know them?” “No I’ve just heard of them, but i do know where they live,” Kisa and Rika set off to Buzen and Yona’s house, “so what are the invitations for?, a birthday?” Kisa looked to the ground, “Well actually it’s my wedding,” Rika looked at Kisa with shock, “aren’t you a bit young to get married,” Kisa started to blush a bright red, Rika noticed that she was embarrassed, “but if you love him then it doesn’t matter.” Back at the hospital Senri was sneaking some of his blood into Akatsuki’s drinking tube, “ok we hope you get better soon Akatsuki,” they all left the hospital and got in cars to go to Senri’s mansion, when they arrived they noticed Kagura, Senri walk over to Kagura while everyone walked inside, when Senri and Kagura walked inside everyone looked at Senri, Cooro walked up to Senri. “Lord Senri we can’t find Kisa she’s missing,” Senri looked around, he noticed that the invitations and her bag were also missing but the phone was still there, Nova, Yona and buzen thought it was best if they came back another time so they left. Meanwhile Rika and Kisa were just posting the last invite, Kisa noticed that the sun was coming up, “well i better get going, my brother will be wondering where i am.” Kisa and Rika went their separate ways. A little while later Kisa arrived home, she opened the door and looked around for Senri, he was no where to be found, kisa walked inside and placed her bag on the table near the coat rack, but just as she did two arms rapped around her.
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