Vampires unleashed

a young couple who are engaged and painful memories arise enimes are found


7. sleepover


The next day when kisa was having breakfast there was a knock at the door, Kisa sprinted to the door, “I’LL GET IT!” Kisa opened the door to see Kyo standing in the doorway, “Kyo, come in come in,” Kyo came in and kissed Kisa on the lips, Kisa shut the door, and Senri walked in.

“ok, calm down people, it’s only been one day since you saw each other,” Kisa and Kyo stopped kissing and walked over to the couch and sat down to discuss the wedding, time got late and kyo was leaving, “Well I’ll be leaving, see you tomorrow Kisa,” Kyo lent down and kissed Kisa, “Kyo, do you want to stay for the day, I mean it’s the weekend so you don’t have to go to school tomorrow so?”

Kyo looked at Kisa, “Ok Kisa I’d love to, i just have to ask headmaster Curosamji if I can stay for the day,” Kyo got his cell phone out and called the headmaster, “Hello, Headmaster,” “yes, who’s this,” “It’s me Kyo, i was just wondering if i could stay at Kisa’s house for the night,” “Sure and is Senri there I need to talk with him,” “Sure I’ll put him on.” Kyo handed the phone to Senri, “Headmaster wants to talk to you,” Senri grabbed the phone out of Kyo’s hand and put it up to his ear, “Hello, Headmaster,” “Senri I need to talk to you about a new Dark class student,” “what about them?,” “well I was wondering if you knew about the anoa’s,” Senri froze, “Hello, Senri are you still there?,” “Yeah I’m still here, I’ll talk to you later,” “wait you didn’t answer my que...” Senri hung up the phone.

Kyo and Kisa stared at Senri with concern, “Senri, are you ok? you don’t look to good,” Senri shook his head mentally , “Yeah I’m fine, why don’t I go and get some pyjamas for Kyo, while you show him to your temporary room,” Senri walked up the stairs to his room to get Kyo some pyjamas, while Kisa led Kyo to her temporary bedroom, when they got to the room Kyo shut the door and pulled Kisa into a hug and gently brushed her hair out of her face and kissed her, kisa put her arms around Kyos neck and pulled him closer, when they heard a knock at the door.

Kyo reluctantly let go of Kisa and walked up to the door and opened it to find Senri standing there with some pyjamas in his left hand. Senri looked at Kisa only to see her blush bright red, "Here are the pyjamas they should fit," Senri handed the pyjamas to Kyo and left the room.

Kyo shut the door behind Senri and turned around, “now where was I,” Kisa looked up at Kyo with a blush still staining her cheeks, “I do believe that you were kissing me,” Kyo leaned forward and kissed kisa on the lips, after a while breathing became necessary and so the separated, once they caught their breath Kyo leaned forward to kiss he again only for Kisa to put her finger to his lips, “Aww, come on Kisa,” Kisa looked up at Kyo with a stern look then pointed to the clock and the window, “ it’s 5:30 in the morning, the sun is rising, and I’m tired.”


After looking at the clock and window he turned back to kisa only to find her missing, he started to look around the room for her only to find her in her wardrobe changing, he started to smirk at seeing Kisa changing in front of him, Kisa turned around after putting her pyjama top on, "Don't be getting any ideas were not married yet.” Kyo looked at Kisa and started to pout, “Don’t think that I will fall for that,” said Kisa as she left her wardrobe and went to bed, Kyo got changed and climbed in to the bed, wrapped his arms around Kisa and gave in to sleep.



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