Vampires unleashed

a young couple who are engaged and painful memories arise enimes are found


3. Nightmare

Senri heard her scream and immediately ran towards Kisa’s room only to find her bed collapsed, he started to lift the broken bed pieces off, the door slammed open, Kagura and Cooro stood in the light of the hallway Senri Yelled at them to help him get the bed pieces off of Kisa, eventually Senri found Kisa shaking in her bed, Kisa felt something pick her up. She let out a scream. “Kisa, calm down! It’s me Senri everything’s alright now,” Kisa’s heavy breathing slowed at the sound of Senri’s voice. She opened her eyes to see Liam staring straight at her, whilst holding her in his arms. She stared wide eyed at him she couldn’t stop the tears from streaming out of her eyes, “is everything alright now?” Senri looked at them both, “everything’s fine,you can go back to your rooms, I’ll handle this.” Cooro and Kagura both bowed and turned to walk away. Senri carried Kisa to the guest bedroom as her bed had collapsed, he put Kisa down on the bed. “Kisa, What happened?” Kisa was still shaking uncontrollably. “it... it was the... Vampire! From that night...” Kisa’s head started to throb, Senri started to speak, “everyth...” Kisa immediatly fell unconsious. “I don’t ever want to see you like this,” Senri layed Kisa down in the guest bed and kissed her forehead. A few minutes later Kisa opened her eyes slowly. What happened? She rubbed her head and turned to look at the time, 8:30am, she was a little confused, she swung her legs over the side of the bed and threw her blanket off. “Ow! My head!” Kisa lifted one hand to her head and used the other to steady herself. The mansion was bright. Not even Senri was to be seen. Kisa walked down the staircase, her head was still throbbing. She heard something move behind her. She stopped and turned around in a defensive position, nothing was there. Her head started throbbing more than ever, she fell backwards only to be caught in by Senri, “Kisa, what are you doing awake while the sun is up! Go back to sleep.” Kisa opened her eyes to see Senri looking straight back at her. “my head was throbbing so i came down here to get some medicine” Senri pulled Kisa to her feet. “your heads probably throbbing because of the accident , anyway i will go get some medicine for you, so go back to bed.” Kisa nodded and sluggishly pulled herself up the staircase. When she got to the guest bedroom, everything seemed strange. Even though the room was dead still, to her, it was moving like crazy. Kisa closed her eyes and brought her hand up to her face, why is this happening to me. for the second time that night she fainted. A few minutes later Senri came in with some medicine for Kisa, only to find her passed out on the floor. Senri knelt down and picked Kisa up, he placed her on the bed and walked away. Kisa awoke much later. Her head wasn’t throbbing anymore and everything was back to normal. She opened her eyes to see Senri standing in the doorway. “You gave me quite a scare earlier today Kisa,” Kisa stood up and bowed. “i’m sorry Senri, i didn’t know...” Senri wrapped his hands around Kisa before she could finish what she was saying. “Are you alright now?” Kisa nodded, “you better get dressed we have many things to do today, Kyo will be arriving soon and you and Kyo have to tell Cooro and Kagura, Kisa nodded. Senri smiled and turned to walk away when Kisa grabbed his hand. “Senri thank you.” Senri turned back to Kisa. “No, , thank you.” He smiled then turned and walked away. Kisa smiled and walked to her room to get dressed. Kisa came down the stairs, where Kyo was waiting for her, Kisa ran down the stairs and jumped into Kyo’s arms. “Hi Kyo, i’m so happy to see you,” “and i’m happy to see you to, do you think we should share the good news with everyone. Kisa replied, “yes we shall,” Kagura and Cooro looked confused, “we’re getting married.” Kagura and Cooro gasped, Senri looked at Cooro and Kagura, “what, don’t you like the idea of Kisa and Kyo getting married,” “no it’s just a massive surprise that’s all,” you could hear the dispear in Cooro’s voice. Senri asked Cooro and Kagura to start typing up the invitations, Cooro and Kagura sprinted off and started typing away madly at their laptops. “Could you please write down a list of people you want to come, Kisa and Kyo.” Senri handed Kyo and Kisa a sheet of paper each with guests written at the top of the page. Kyo and Kisa sat down at the table behind them. Kyo wrote down his old foster father Rija and his old teacher Husky, while kisa sat next to him thinking of people. ‘Hmm... Well i have to send an invitation to the Rija, oh and Rose should get an invitation,’ Kisa tried to think of other people she could invite, Kisa couldn’t think of anyone else that she could invite. ‘I will get Rose and the other girl vampires to be my bridesmaids.’ She started to scribble down names of various vampires into categories. BRIDESMAID: Rose, Yona, Kagura, Rukia and Misao, GUESTS: Cooro, Rija, Hak, Buzen Akatsuki..., Kisa and Kyo gave the peices of paper to Senri and watched his reaction. “Kisa, i’m sorry but i thought you would’ve known, Akatsuki died fighting his uncle.” Kisa was shocked at the news. “Aka... Akatsuki’s...dead!” Senri nodded slowly. “I’m sorry, i thought you knew.” Kisa’s eyes were focused on the floor. Senri put his hand under her chin and lifted her head until their eyes met. He put his arms around Kisa. Kisa closed her eyes until his arms left her. “will you be ok, Kisa?” she nodded and smiled at him. He smiled at her until suddenly there was a knock at the door. Senri walked over and opened the door everyone’s attention was drawn towards Senri speaking to another man with short black hair. Senri thanked the man and turned back to Kisa, “forget what i just said, Kisa, Akatsuki has been found alive, but only just.”
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