Vampires unleashed

a young couple who are engaged and painful memories arise enimes are found


1. New Home

Kisa clipped on her seat belt and stared out the window to her old foster home with many things on her mind. 'How will Rija cope? What will happen to Rose? Will Kyo ever ask me out?' "Kisa are you ok? you seem distracted."

Senri's soft words interrupted Kisa's daydream. "Sorry, yeah i've just got a lot on my mind at the moment." Senri hugged Kisa an kissed her on the cheek. Kagura and Cooro sat opposite both staring at Senri and Kisa, whose attention was elswhere, Senri started to speak, "Why are you both looking this way? are we fascinating to you both?" Cooro and Kagura blushed.

"Umm uhh no, it's just, uhh...." Senri smiled at their response. "Calm down, it was a joke." they settled back in their seats, still blushing a bright red, the car stopped and the driver got out.

the door suddenly swung open before kisa could even let go of Senri. "Lady Kisa." The black haired limousine driver started at the ground not daring to look up.

"Thank you." Kisa stepped out and looked up at the huge mansion in front of her. "Do you like it, Kisa? it may be a bit small but..." "SMALL IT'S HUGE." Kisa interrupted Senri, "it's perfect Senri! i'm in such a dept to you i...mmph" Senri covered Kisa's mouth before she could finish. "Nonsense, Kisa if anything i should be the one in dept, i hurt you so much whilst trying to protect you, besides this is the least i could do for my little sister." said Senri.

Senri's hand fell to rest beside his leg. Kisa gazed up at Senri. "Senri i..." Cooro barged through the two siblings. "Wow a mansion, Kagura come check it out!" Kagura let out a sigh as she slowly walked towards Cooro after Appologising to the siblings. "We best hurry, i have plans for us this evening, Kis." Senri picked up his bags.

Kisa walked up to her new room and unpacked her bas and layed everything on her bed, "That's strange, where did this come from?" a gorgeous red dress lay folded at the bottem of her bag with a card attatched.

Dear Kisa

Remember me telling you about the plans i arranged this evening, well i thought you may neaed something to wear, so i bought this dress for you. Please put it on and meet me down stairs at 6:00pm, i'll be waiting

Love from loving brother Senri"


Kisa glanced down at her watch. "5:30 pm i better get changed now," so Kisa finished unpacking her things and got dressed. Senri was waiting for her down stairs in a suit and tie. "You look beautiful as always Kisa, i'm glad you wore the dress."

Kisa started to walk down the stairs, "Thank you for getting me the dress, Senri." The same limousine pulled up out front and suddenly they heard a voice.

"Your ride has arrived, Lord and Lady kuranji." Senri turned to Kisa. "Shall we go, Kisa?" Kisa's eyes went back to meet with Senri's "Where are you taking me?" Senri smiled, "Thats for me to know and you to find out."

The limousine stopped and senri turned to kisa. "tonight i will repay my dept to yo, Kisa," Kisa's eyes widened. "But Senri.." "Please, i's the least i can do."

the car door opened and kisa was lead to the door of the restraunt. "L.O.V.E which stands for Life Of Vampires Eternal, as soon as Kisa saw this, sh immediatly thought of Kyo. She felt a pain in her chest. 'Had she made the descision?' "Kisa, are you ok your daydreaming again."

Senri had a worrid look on his face. "Don't look at me like tht Senri, i'm fine." Senri grabbed Kisa's hand and walked her inside. "Would you like to take a seat?" asked a waiter. "Oh yes, sorry." the man bowed.

"Please don't be Lord Kuranji, table one," Senri thanked the man and walked on through. A young man walked up to the table, "I'll be your waiter for this evening may i take your order the waiter had his head so low in a bow that Kisa wondered if he was just smelling the flowers that lay in the middle of their table.

Senri picked up his menu and opened it, "I wll have the bloody wine thank you," Kisa looked down at the list. "I will have the bloody steak thank you." THe waiter walked off and Senri turned to Kids, "I have a surprise for you, Kisa," Kisa turned to Senri and heart started to beat faster, because all the times Senri had a surprise for her it was always life changing or bad.

"Kisa we have Known each other our whole lives, i have had to wait 10 years to get you back, but i feel that it was worth it. your presence alone is enough to make me happy, I have always known what was best for you, and at this moment i find that there is only one man for you." Kisa looked at Senri with a puzzled look, "What do you mean?" Senri yelled out, "You an come out now!" at that moment a man with blonde hair and blue eyes started to walk towards Senri and Kisa, it was Kyo. Kyo walked up to Kisa and bent down on one knee and said, "Will you marry me Kisa."



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