Vampires unleashed

a young couple who are engaged and painful memories arise enimes are found


2. Marry me

Kisa fainted with shock of what she just heard, it was the words that she had dreamed of hearing all of her life, “KISA.” Kyo caught Kisa as she fell from her Chair, Senri ran towards Kisa and tried to wake her up but she didn’t. Kyo picked Kisa up and carried her to the car, While Senri trailed behind. When they arrived at the mansion, Senri opened the door and Kyo carried Kisa inside. Kagura and Cooro were sitting at the bottem of the staircase, staring at the floor, but as they heard the door open, they rose to greet Senri and Kisa, but had a shock to see kyo, especially Kyo holding Kisa. they looked at Kisa. Cooro and Kagura let out a gasp, “what happened to Lady Kisa,” Kyo looked up at Kagura and Cooro, “she fainted.” Cooro and Kagura stepped out of the way. Kyo carried Kisa up stairs to her room. He placed her on the bed and turned to walk away but was grabbed by Kisa’s hand, “don’t go Kyo,” kyo looked at Kisa with worried eyes, “are you alright, Kisa?” Kisa smiled. “Of corse I am, Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine, I’m very sorry that I gave you so much trouble,” “it’s alright, Kisa.” Kisa turned her head towards Kyo and sat up on the bed. “in response to your question, i will Kyo.” Kyo leant down and Kissed Kisa on the lips. “Thank you Kisa, now you should get some sleep it’s almost sunrise.” Kyo turned and left the room, leaving Kisa stunned with her hand on her lips. She sat in a trance for a few seconds blushing. Kisa Changed into her pyjamas and layed on her bed. She eventually got to sleep, but that day Kisa had a nightmare, she was standing opposite kyo in a beautiful white gown, it was the day of her wedding, Kisa looked up as she heard Kyo say “I do.” She was frozen still. She gazed over the crowd of people that had turned up to the wedding. A perticular man stood at the back. She couldn’t quite make out who he was until he stepped into the light. It was the vampire that she had seen on that fateful night when she was 6 years old. Kisa took a step back and Hid bedind Kyo in horror, remembering the night when the white snow was drenched in blood. The vampire walked up to Kisa and put his hand up to touch Kisa’s face but Kisa slapped his hand away. The vampire grinned evily at her. “Where is that boy to save you now?” Kisa’s widened as she couldn’t see anyone and Kyo was fading away. She was alone, with only the vampire and herself, nothing to stop him from killing her in a second. The vampire’s grin showed his fangs. He laughed evily and plunged at Kisa, grabbing her neck and licking it, Kisa got angry at the vampire and used her powers to distroy him, nothing happened to the vampire, but her bed collapsed and Kisa awoke screaming.
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