Vampires unleashed

a young couple who are engaged and painful memories arise enimes are found


4. Alive

Cooro snacted his Jacket off the coat rack. “we have to go see him!” Kagura followed closely behind him. “Senri grabbed his Jacket and started walking out the door whilst Kisa stayed paralised. When Senri realsied Kisa wasn’t going to move, he stopped. “what’s wrong Kisa, why aren’t you coming?” Kisa’s eyes stayed staring at the floor. “Akatsuki is one of your close friends, isn’t he? So how could you go see him if he is barely hanging on to his own life?” there was silence for a few seconds, then Senri spoke. “If his one of my true friends, then wouldn’t i want to go comfort him, wouldn’t i?” Kisa looked up and her eyes met Senri’s, “I guess your right.” Senri realised that Kisa didn’t want to go see Akatsuki in his state. “We can stay here if you like, Kisa. I can go see him another time.” Kisa shook her head. “No Senri, i’m just being unfair again. You go and see him, i’ll stay here and wait for you.” Kisa looked at the floor. She knew that Senri didn’t like this idea. “and leave you all alone? i would never leave you alone like that,Kisa.” Kisa closed her eyes in anger. “I’m not a little kid anymore and i can look after myself! I don’t need you to look after me all the time!, and anyway i won’t be alone Kyo will be here with me.” Kisa’s shouting didn’t affect Senri. “Kisa...” Kisa raised her head and looked Senri in the eyes. “Please Senri! I just want some freedom!, i can handle vampires.” Senri sighed. “Kisa, you don’t realize how dangerous vampires can get, especially Death Gaurdians.” Kisa stood her ground. “I did face Souwan. Didn’t i?” Senri put his hand on his face. “Ok you can stay here under Kyo’s survalance. I will leave the phone with you. If you are in trouble or even feel worried in the slightest, don’t hesitate to call me.” Kisa smiled. “i will.” Senri had a very worried look on his face as he closed the door behind him. “Where’s Kisa?” Cooro was concerned. “She’s chosen to stay behind.” Kagura stood up. “I will stay behind and keep an eye on her if you would like me to, Lord Senri.” Senri stood silent for a few seconds. “Kagura, i would like it if you stayed behind and watched over Kisa from a distance.” Kagura bowed and ran off. Cooro and Senri arrived at the hospital, They were lead to the waiting room at the entrance where they saw Buzen, Yona and Hak. The three of them immediatly stood up and bowed. “Lord Senri, What a surprise, I guess you also heard the news?” Senri sat in the nearest seat. “Yes i did, i’m sorry to hear he is in such a state, but i’m pleased that he is still alive.” Yona noticed some people missing. “Where’s Kisa and Kagura?” Senri ran his hand through his hair as he spoke. “Kisa decided to stay back at the mansion so i had Kagura stay behind to gaurd Kisa, so she’ll be fine.” Everyone took their seats paitently waiting to go and visit Akatsuki. “I wonder how bad the injuries are?” Hak was still deciding whether he’d made the right descision. “Well, they did say he was only just alive.” Cooro replied in a worried tone. A nurse suddenly walked into the room. “Akatsuki ls ready to see you now. He has very bad injuries though so please don’t touch him.” The nurse guided them into the room. Where Akatsuki lay Paralised on a small bed with many drips and tubes coming out of him. “He has one broken arm, a broken leg, four fractured ribs, a rupted artery a crack to his skull. We don’t think that he will survive.” The nurse left them all standing in shock. Cooro went over and sat down in the chair placed next to the bed. “Akatsuki...” his eyes welled with tears. Yona and Buzen stood paralised still taking in what had just been said. Ichigo went to go comfort the weeping Cooro, Senri stood their silently with a blank expression. They all stayed like this for a long time. Back at the mansion Kyo was sitting on the couch with his arms rapped around Kisa hugging her tightly, when suddenly she looked up to see Kyo starring at her, “why are you starring at me,” Kyo looked straight at Kisa and replied, “i was just addmiring your beautiful face,” Kisa blushed a bright red and hid her face in the pillows that were next to her , “please don’t hide your face” “Why do you want to hide your beautiful face,” Kyo put his hand under Kisa’s chin and lifted her head up and kissed her on the lips and started to speak, “now shall we go and study.” Kisa nodded and grabbed kyo’s hand to take him to her room, when they got to her room the first thing Kyo realsied was that kisa’s bed was in peices. “What happened to your bed,” Kisa looked down and walked over to her desk where many books were layed out. Kyo looked at the books, “Well you’ve deffinetly been studying,” Kisa and Kyo sat down at Kisa’s desk and Kyo started to teach Kisa what he had just learned at school, soon it was 10:00pm, Kyo got up from his chair, “Well it’s about time i went home, i’ll come over again tomorrow.” Kisa stood up to show Kyo to the door, when Kisa and Kyo got to the door Kyo hugged kisa and lent down to kiss her, then kyo started to walk down the pathway and as she watched him leave She noticed Kagura sitting in the tree, at that moment she realised that Senri had left her at home to keep an eye on her as she realised what he did Kisa got angry and slammed the door shut, Kisa grabbed her bag and the invitations and escaped through the back door and down the road, not bothering to write a note for Kaname or even to grab the phone. Kisa stopped at the first bench on the path to catch her breath.Kisa pulled the stack of invitations out of her bag and looked at the first invitation on the stack, “Rija curosamji,” Kisa put the rest of the invitations back in her bag and set off for curosamji academy, When she arrived at the academy gate she thought that she might pay Rija a visit but a sudden wind caught onto the invitations scattering them all over the ground, Kisa knelt down to collect the scattered invitations but while she was collecting the invitations a shadow caught her eye, kisa looked up to see a beautiful girl standing infront of her.
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