Friend Request

If you read this book, you will most certainly be amazed because it is based on a true story. This will save you from any harm you will be most likely to face while using facebook. :) Thanks for reading.


2. The Confirmation

I woke up, made my bed. Well, it wasn't really a bed, it was my couch. Since I did not work, I obviously did not have enough money to buy myself a bed, besides, who needs one anyways when a couch is comfortable. It's like a bed instead it is just smaller. After having breakfast from a can which was almost half a year old, I ran to entertain myself, by using my laptop. Okay, 20 notifications and 15 new friend requests. I looked at all my friend requests, no mutual friends, but they had a picture of themselves, so I just confirmed them all. Problem is, the latest one caught my eye. No picture, no mutual friends. I clicked on his account. It revealed that he, Ben Malvado, had no friends at all, no profile or cover photo, and only one comment saying 'Finally Got Back.' So I barely even had the time to question myself, I just clicked onto that button which said 'Respond To Friend Request' and then 'Confirm.' 

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