Friend Request

If you read this book, you will most certainly be amazed because it is based on a true story. This will save you from any harm you will be most likely to face while using facebook. :) Thanks for reading.


3. The Chat

On and on I went scrolling through my messages, looking at how many people I have accepted, and who says what about me. It's a part of  facebook. It looks exactly like facebook called friend space. You can search it up if you think I'm lying. Friend Space is awesome! Once in a while, I would sip from my cup full of red wine, it helped me in not getting bored to death. For a long time, I had no notifications at all. After 3 hours of staring at my screen, I got a notification. I shot a weird look but then wondered why should I be shocked? I have lots of friends. But then I thought, most of them are people I don't even know. I opened it and smiled. It was from Ben Malvado. He posted on my timeline saying''Hey pretty lady, thanks for accepting me!'' I smiled and liked his post. In less than half a second you can move your finger, he send me a message. 

B: Hey You

H: Hey

B: What are you up to?

H: just chillin, lol

B: No plans tonight?

H: Nah- I kinda hate people LOLZ!

B: No shit, right?

I laughed to myself before replying. How can a person I not know be this sweet. I didn't actually bother to be thinking like an adult, I became a child.

H: At least on here you can just delete them. 

B: I like that

- and with that the chat was over, he went offline.



A/N: Hey guys, on a scale from 1 to 10, do you think I should continue?


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