Friend Request

If you read this book, you will most certainly be amazed because it is based on a true story. This will save you from any harm you will be most likely to face while using facebook. :) Thanks for reading.


4. Just a Call

It's like I said, I hate talking to people. I was laying down on my couch when my phone started to vibrate heavily. I picked it up to see who the caller was. It was Sarah, my friend, or should I say a person I know. I didn't consider her as my friend... I answered her call then hung up directly. In less than a few minutes, I got a text from her. I groaned, can't she just leave me alone. But I was bored, so I texted her first. 

H: Hey, What's up?

S: Answer my call!

H: Just text me

S: Ugh. Forget it. Nevermind!

H: Whatever

And with that we did not text each other for a while. That was the end of my fake friendship with a girl named Sarah.

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