Friend Request

If you read this book, you will most certainly be amazed because it is based on a true story. This will save you from any harm you will be most likely to face while using facebook. :) Thanks for reading.


1. Heather's Bio.

Hi, I'm Heather, Heather Dole. I live in Los Angeles -CA. You might be wondering where you have heard my name or why I sound familiar to you... I hate people. I hate working, and I hate answering every call I get. The only thing I love best is electronics. I never left my apartment,but  that does not include going to the grocery shop for food. I love facebook so much. even though I don't like talking with can always text me. One more thing to know is I have a phone with my friends' contact on it. So see ya! I'm going to sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a normal day for me again. Good Night!

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