4. talks

i decided not to tell anyone of u my name until i am sure you wont do anything to me i said.

well  when u feel comfortable tell us even if its gonna take for ever harry said with a soft smile.Soooooo liam  said do you have anywhere to stay.No i replied,actually i am running away from home for some reasons.BAD BAD GIRL liam said.Zayn came up and asked to be excused then got the lads  in a group a bit far away from me and started chatting.


Boys conversation

niall: she should totally stay at our place.

louis :you naughty pet*wink wink *

zayn:nialls right i mean she did save our lives thats the least we can repay her.

liam:i agree with zayn and niall you know we cant leave her here.

harry:But then i cant u know(a habbit a directionor would understand and for the rest he walkes naked around the house)

louis:for gods sake we dont even know anything about her not even her name*looks back and screams* SHES GOOOOOONNNNNNE!!!!!!!

Niall:i will find her.

zayn:what a man*smirks*

nialls pov:

i ran to her and found her laying on a floor of blood.damn 10 min im gone and she has already hurt herself.

i need to take u to a doctor NO she said take....me over....to ur....house as she fainted in my arms.

A/N hope u like it


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