5. explanation

Girls pov (no name) I woke up on a large bed with a cast on my foot.it was a big room with two windows and a sofa on the side .On the walls were pictures of the boys.While I was inspecting the room a sweet soft voice said you woke up,it was niall.um I guess so. Well I bet your hungry there is food downstairs,he said with a wink Well I am hungry but there is a small problem I cant move with the cast on my foot. Well superniall to the rescue he came closer and lifted me up.wow you are strong bit I dont want to hurt your back.its fine he said with his adorable irish accent. Its joanne my name is joanne.what a perfect name for a perfect girl like you. We got to the dinning table where the pads were were eating and laughing out loudly.niall set me on a chair right next tohim.guys I trust u fully so u should know more about me.my name is joanne my mother well I never got to meet her because of my dad.now that things are going well I would like to know who were the girls who tied u.all of them looked at zayn and he just winked and said vas happening. Okok I will explain he said......ok so this is what happened
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