❤Dear Liam ❤

Dear Liam is a book I'm writing to Liam Payne, because I hope that a miracel will get him to read it.
I'm writing a book about Liam Payne because he fasinates me a lot.


2. How Can I

Dear Liam

I'm finally back again! Liam, right now I'm drawing. I'm drawing a painting for my new story: Silence. I'm not pretty good at that drawing-thing, but right now I feel like I just own it! So I use the time where 'I feel like I own it' to draw as much as I can. Do you like to draw, Liam? When my paintings are getting pretty I like it, else... no.  I like drawing while I'm listening to music. Later I'll go for a walk, cause today has been a busy day for me. First I needed to clean all the house where my rabbit's living. Later I needed to do homework, and now I've done laundry. Finally I found a time where I can draw, yes! And now I'm sitting here and writing for you. Dear Liam. Today it's the 16th April, and the 5th May you're going to have a concert in Denmark, wish it was me who should seen it. Wish it was. But I'll wish you good luck anyway Liam, and I hope you'll enjoy your visit to Denmark.

You know what Liam? Some times I am running over thoughts, where I'm together with you. I'm your friend, and you'll show me England, you'll show me Big Ben and Tower Bridge. I know it's never going to happen, but when you're a dream, then why not keep living like a dream? Dear, dear Liam, I've just painted a picture of you, my first portrait, and I think it looks like you. My sister think so too. Right now I'm listening to More Than This, it's a pretty good song, I specilally like that part when you're singing, I dont know why, but that sounds amazing. Why aren't every boy in this world like you? Before I 'knew' you, I didnt like boys that way, cause I thought that every boy just wanted a girl to break her heart, but then I heard about you. You, you, you. 'How is it possible?' I'm thinking. But I've stopped thinking about the wierd things in this world, I just wonna enjoy the thought about that finally a boy can make me cry, just by singing. How can you do that Liam? You're such an amazing human, an amazing boy or man. You're so innocence, and your smile is the best I know. I wonna find out how you can make me feel perfect. Your voice make me feel special, and like the song was write for me, how can you do that? I really wonna find out, and so I will.

Later I have to go to the teatre, with my best friend, who are you're best friend? Me and my best friend, we both like One Direction, she's a fan, and me too. I like you, yeah I know, but I'm not a mega-crazy fan. Cause I like your personality. I am a fan cause I like you music and all that stuff, and I like you. You see, there's 1D, and then there's Liam. I wont ever stop loving you Liam. If you stop being who you are, then I'll stop loving you, but if you just keep being on you are, then I'll properly never stop loving you. I think it's cute that your favourite movie is Toy Story, I like it also, my favourite is Bootside, the horse you know, I think it's cute. You remind me sometimes about Rex, the dino, because it's so cute!!! And it's funny... Well enough for Toy Story, but why are you afraid of spoons, that's a question I'll never stop asking myself. Cause why, anyway? Now you might think that I think that you're perfect and have never done a mistake or things like that, but no I dont think like that. You're just so perfect that I wont see your dark side. I have my own fails and mistakes also, I'm not perfect. There's always something that I'll like to change, but not after I'd 'met' you. Now I like myself the way I am, because you've teached me that way, Liam. I think that it's important to love what you have, and just keep on loving it. I do.

                         The chance to love and be loved exists no matter where you are

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