❤Dear Liam ❤

Dear Liam is a book I'm writing to Liam Payne, because I hope that a miracel will get him to read it.
I'm writing a book about Liam Payne because he fasinates me a lot.


3. Ever Thank You Enough?

Dear Liam

How is it possible, to make girls fall in love with the same guy? Well let me answer, and I'll try the best I can: Because we're searching for a guy, who'll love us for who or what we are! One who dont just want a girl, and then call it his girlfriend because that is funny. We want to be serious, and be loved. And we know that you can do that. You're a boy, yes. And then what? You're Liam, that's all there matters for me. Yeah I'm glad you're in One Direction, cause else I would never had found out that you'd actually excist. So keep being who you are... Maybe you'll never choose me, even though I'd met you. But then I'm just glad that I know you're alive, so I still know that boys can be nice and sweet. Liam, be who you are.

Actually I'm following you on Instagram, pretty cool? Maybe that's why you're reading this story, but I dont mind, cause just your excistence is everything and more for me. Who would you choose Liam? If you could decide yourself? Which girl would you choose... Well I'm maybe not the kind of a shy girl you like, but I wont be fake. Maybe some other girls would be fake for you, but not me. You have to accept me as I am, and then it's okay you dont like me, just you dont hate me. I like the funny types, there... funny! We'll properly never meet, and you dont know who I am, but I know who you are, and that's fine. My wish would, of course, be to live together with you and the stuff, but I'm glad for your excistence, so...

Now I'm almost finsihed writing for you, but it has been funny, great and everything worth for writing this. I've been thinking a lot about which song I should choose for this story, but know I'm sure. There is some words I would like to tell you: I'll always wait for you. You're special the way you are. I dont know how, but somehow you've kicked all my walls in. I feel innocence because you've maked me feel that way.  

So Liam, thank you. Thank you for being the person you are. I have some more words: I miss you when something really good happens, because you're the one I want to share it with. I miss you when something is troubling me, cause you're the only one who understands me so well. I miss you when I cry and laugh, because you're the one who makes my tears dissapear and my laughter grow. I miss you all the time.

    Dear Liam Payne!

I'll love you forever

Nini P.


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