❤Dear Liam ❤

Dear Liam is a book I'm writing to Liam Payne, because I hope that a miracel will get him to read it.
I'm writing a book about Liam Payne because he fasinates me a lot.


1. Dear Liam

I'm not amega-crazy fan, I'm a fan yes. But I'm a girl who looks for my soulmate, and after all theese years, I've finally found it.

Dear Liam Payne

How can I ever thank you enough? You're such a beautiful person, and your smile is like the sun. I don't know you, but I dont wonna be that kind of a crazy fan who would scream if I saw you. Not because I dont like you, but I dont like crazy fans, it scares me a bit, dont you think so? I think I would tell my bodyguards to look out for such crazy fans, cause I think it's scary. Well enough about me for now, what about you, Liam? Somebody would think that this is just waiste of my time, but I dont think so, cause I decided that I wanted to tell you, that there aren't just crazy fans, but there are normale fans to. I still like you, just more than these crazy fans. You are my sun, Liam. But I dont wonna scare you, so I keep law profile for now. You might think that I am a crazy fan because I write this story, but I dont wont to. This story were meant to tell you that there are others than your crazy fans. You proberly have a lot of fans, and I accept that, cause who dont like you? I mean, how cant anybody love such a great person. I wont say, that I love, I do, but I dont know you bacause I've never met you, and when I dont know you, I cant love you the right way. Because nothing is the same like love. Love is only love. Money or famous is not love, I dont think so anyway, do you?

Liam, please read this story, because it really mean something to me...you do. I wonna tell you about me... But that would seem selfish cause this story aint about me, but its about you. So dear Liam, how is it possible to be you? How can a boy be that amazing? How can you make me cry? How can you light up my world, when everything else has let me down? How can you make me happy? How couldn't I love you? You know what? The last two weeks I've seen Toy Story 2+3, I think the second movie is the best. Its just that sweet. I didnt only see the film because its your favourite, I saw it, becauseI've heard a lot of good things about it, and I have the third movie, and actually I think I also have the first... But the second I dont own, so I saw it on my television on DC. The second is best, which movie do you best like? I've got this friend, and this girl is the one who I saw Titanic with for the fist time... We were both crying in the end, and some few days after, I could 'My Heart Will Go On.' But now when I wonna see the movie with her, she says no, cause the second time we saw it, she felt asleep, but I used the time alone to sing the theme song in the film... Pretty cool, right? I think so anyway.

What are you doing, right now, Liam? I wonder sometimes, that what would you think about me, if you knew me? Something in me says, that you'll only date one who is american or british. And unfortunately I'm not either american or british. But I wont stop my dreams, I want them to live, in my head without any fear for they'll dissapear. It might be you dont like me if we met, but I think I would be proud if you told me what you felt about me, cause then I would know that you liked me enough to tell me, and let's say that you think I'm just a crazy fan, and I can live with that. Because then I'll know what you think about me, and then I dont have to think about that anymore. I really dont know how to explane my thoughts about you, Liam. You're like taken out of my dreams. A wonderful guy, who cares for his girlfriend, and one you who actually takes you serious. I'm sorry to talk about this subject Liam, but if I didnt you wouldnt know what I think about you: yesterday I saw your 'X-Factor Audition' (for the 100000000th time...) you just look so cute with that hair. (I best like that hairstyle where you're buzzed, I'm sorry, but that makes you look pretty and also makes your smile bigger.) I heard you were singing 'Cry Me A River' and someone has told me, that you sang it because your ex-girlfriend was cheating on you. And then I realized that you're not that kind of a boy who just gets happy again if a girl kiss you or something... I'm proud of that at least one boy in this universe is normale, and actually care for girls. Thats a great thing Liam, and thats the reason I felt in love with you. How can you be that guy, I've waited a few years on? How can you just, from the one day to the other, stand there, and be who you are, and make me feel like all theese years with crying and no friends, how can you make me feel like I didnt waist them?

Wanting him is hard to forget, loving him is hard to regret,
losing him is hard to accept, but even with all the pain I've felt..
Letting go is the most painful yet.

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