How I Saved You

Hi I'm Kitty I am a black and white cat and this is the story of how I saved my owner Harry Styles life.


4. Trouble

Kitty's P.O.V.

When Harry and the boys came home from the vet they also had cat food. I greeted Dusty and Harry with a purr as I walked towards them." hey Kitty how are you?" Harry asked me and I rubbed in an figure eight between his legs. 

Dusty trotted up to me."hey Dusty" I meowed. 

"good how are you?" she asked me.

"good" I said.

I felt a sharp pain in my tail when someone grabbed it. I insistently turned around and swiped with a paw full of claws at my attacker. It was Zayn, of course, he always liked to tease me. I looked at Zayn's face, he was wincing with pain and had a tight jaw so he didn't scream. His cheek had a red claw mark by the cheek bone."HARRY!!" he yelled. 

"Ya" Harry yelled back coming into the room.

"your stupid cat scratched me"

"what did you do to her 'cause she's usually really nice"

"pulled her tail" Zayn mumbled.

"then you deserve it man, don't you know never pull a cat's tail" Harry said with a grin that exposed his dimples.

"Ding Dong" I heard the door bell ring."I'll get it" Louis yelled making his way towards the door.

"Harry, you better come here" Louis yelled from the doorway.

"coming" Harry  yelled back.

Harry's P.O.V.

He made his way towards the door and stopped in shock. Taylor Swift his Ex was in the doorway. "what are you doing here" he asked.

"I was wondering if you wanted to get back together" Taylor said.

"no, 'cuse you were the one who like mocked me at the Grammy's in your song "we're never getting back together" I barked at her.

"come on babe don't you miss me" Taylor whined.

"No 'cause I knew you were trouble when you walked in."

"Come on Harry can she please come over for dinner" Louis said.

"Okay" I said walking away from the door.


Like the story so far? You can give me an idea of what Taylor will do to Harry in the next chapter. Love you more than Catnip.



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