How I Saved You

Hi I'm Kitty I am a black and white cat and this is the story of how I saved my owner Harry Styles life.


2. News

It was Monday and I was sleeping on Harry's back the sun was dissing over the horizon vanquishing the darkness of night. Harry moaned in his sleep when I curled up around his arm and started purring with happiness that he saved me from the dangerous ally where I was in danger at all times. Life her with Harry was the best and Dusty was always looking out for me and I retuned the favours by teaching her how to hunt. I suddenly heard the door creek open as Louis came in to wake Harry for an other big day. When I turned my head in his direction he put his finger infront of his lips to tell me to be quiet. Louis and I always had a special way of communicating to each other. He went around to Harry's bed and shook him lightly to wake him up and sleepy little Harry tierdly said "what?"

"Harry it's Dusty she's refusing to eat I think something's wrong with her." Louis said with a worried look on his face.

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