How I Saved You

Hi I'm Kitty I am a black and white cat and this is the story of how I saved my owner Harry Styles life.


3. Dusty

Harry's P.O.V.

Dusty Dusty Dusty Dusty!She must be sick. My poor Dusty. "We gotta get her to the vet!" I yelled across the room.I was hyerventalareing and sweating with worry.

"Dude calm down" Zayn said coming into the room.

"To the car" I yelled to the others


We were at the vet waiting for Dusty's results on her condishion. It's so hard waiting when a loved one is sick or hurt. I suddenly felt a tear roll down my cheek and past my dimples and onto the floor. When the vet came out and gave us the results that she was fine and probably doesn't like the cat food I'm feeding her. 

"Good thing she's okay and that nothing's wrong with her" I said.


Please comment on how your liking the book and if you coment "update" I will post and new chapter as fast as I can. I will also try to add a new chapter everyday when I could. Love you more than Catnip.


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