How I Saved You

Hi I'm Kitty I am a black and white cat and this is the story of how I saved my owner Harry Styles life.


5. Dinner

Sorry I couldn't update  any faster but it took me a while to do this, I had a very busy week, And was piled  with homework to do.


Harry's P.O.V.

He glanced at Taylor from across the table. She had straight hair and a red dress and lipstick.

"How are you Harry?" she asked.

"Okay but kinda not so well."

"Well I hope you feel better soon 'cuz I have a surprise for tonight" she said.

Oh no! What does she have planed? He thought as beads of sweat gathered on his forehead. 

It's okay Taylor said while moving her arm over his. 

The night got weirder as Taylor continued to flirt with me. At the end of dinner Taylor dragged me to my room and pushed me on the bed

* * * 

I will try to update once a week but I've been busy lately. Sorry.


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