Over Again (A Zayn Malik Fan Fiction)

Hey. The names Jen and...my best friend is Zayn. Zayn Malik. Now I can imagine all of you are probably fan girling like "OMG! SHE KNOWS ZAYN JAWAAD MALIK! AHHHH *le faints*" I know for a fact that you just did that. You love him right? Yeah so did I. But he left me to go on the xfactor and believe me I was ecstatic for him! But then he stopped. Stopped talking to me, calling me. He just...stopped and he broke the one promise he made along with my heart.


3. That Cheeky Bastard


Authors note: Ahh! I'm loving all the comments telling me to update! It's nice to know you guys like the story! LET ME LOE YOU ALL! Anyways here's Chapter 3 :) xx


"Ghsjhddjns." I said still shocked. Harry just looked at me funkily while Zayn just chuckled. He shook his head and spoke to Harry.

"She does that when she's scared." He stated matter-of-factly. I narrowed my eyes at him and snickered.

"I'm surprised you still remember! After all its been two god damn years! You didn't even have the nerve to call or even fucking text me! And yet you have the nerve to tell Curly jover here how I act?! Fuck you Zayn Malik and get the HELL out of my house!" I yelled at him as I backed him up against the wall. He was shocked at first but he soon wiped it away and a smirk replaced it. 

"Sorry to burst your bubble but uh," he leaned into me his lips close to my ear. "I was invited." He whispered. I jerked my head back and hit him on the shoulder as I stormed away. Harry was still standing there confused and so were the rest of the boys.

Where they there the whole time?! Woops. 

I walked back into the living room and narrowed my eyes at both Mel and Cheyenne. "What the double cheese burgers were you guys thinking?!" I whisper yelled. They boys were probably heading in here and I didn't want them to hear me. Chey laughed at my choice of words while Mel rolled her eyes and smirked. Her eyes soon went passed me at she smiled at something behind me.

"Boys!" She yelled running past me. She hugged Liam first and continued with the rest of the boys. When she hugged Zayn she whispered something in his ear.

Da fuq was that?!

He smirked and nodded his head looking straight at me.

Da fuq is this?!

I glared at him and he just laughed. That mother fuc-

"Hi. I'm Liam." I snapped out of my pissed of at the fucking world state as a body blocked my vision. 

"Huh?" I asked. Liam just laughed. His laugh was pretty cute, the way his eyes squinted and the little wrinkles appeared at the corner of them. His smile was amazing too. 

"I said I'm Liam. Nice to meet you." He said extending his arm. I smiled and pulled him into a hug.

"Sorry I don't do hand shakes. I'm a hugger." I told him when we pulled away. He laughed again nodding his head. "And I'm Jen. Sorry about what happened earlier, me and Zayn have...history I guess." I felt the years brimming my eyes but I blinked them away. 

"It's okay, I understand." He smiled at me once more before he was pushed away by one of the other boys. 

"AND IM LOUIS!" The boy with the red feathery hair yelled. I giggled and hugged him tightly. When I let him go he had a confused look on his face. 

"She's a hugger." Liam groaned as he pulled himself up from the floor. Louis eyes grew wide with excitement. 

"Me too!" He yelled...again. He pulled me into yet another hug lifting me in the air. I giggled and looked towards Liam.

"Is he always this loud?" I mouthed to him. He nodded and return and shrugged sitting down on the couch.
Louis set me down and sat next to Liam. Well actually on him. 

What is up with these boys?! 

I noticed a another one of the boys still standing in the doorway. He was a brunette with blonde highlights. I knew it was Niall because Cheyenne could never stop talking about him before I told her about my back story with Zayn. 

"Niall!" I yelled walking over to him. He snapped his head up to me and shyly smiled. I spread my arms out and gave him a hug. 

"Why didn't you introduce yourself? I know I'm hot, but no need to be shy." I joked. He let out the most amazing laugh ever as he threw his head back. I laughed along with him dragging him to the couch with the rest of the boys. Zayn was glaring at me as he looked at mine and Niall's interlocked hands. I glared right back at him and let go of Niall's hand. 

"Isn't there another one of you?" I asked looking around the room. Just then curly walked into the room and stood next to Zayn. He wasn't glaring at me but let's just say he wasn't smiling either. I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion.

"Erm hi I'm-" He cut me off.

"Jen. I know." He said in his raspy voice. He whispered something in Zayn's ear and he nodded. They both stares at me and the room grew with tension. 

"Is anyone hungry?" Mel asked saving the day. She walked out of the kitchen smiling.

"ME!" Cheyenne yelled running down the stairs. "ME! ME! ME! WHERE'S TE FOOD?!" She yelled running into the kitchen. We all just laughed and followed her. Niall was beaming. Probably at the fact that someone loved food just as much as he did.

Note to self: Get Cheyenne and Niall together. Scratch that. Get Cheyenne and Niall MARRIED. 

I had almost made it into the kitchen when someone grabbed my wrist pulling me back into the hallway.



A/N Ooooh! Who do you think it is?! Hey guys who ever is reading this, Pleeeeease vote and comment because I need to know if you guys like this story and if your actually reading it. LIKE I NEED MEH MOTIVATION YOUS GUIIIISEEEE! Okay sorry for my ramble. 

For anyone who cares my next update will be sometime next week :)

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