Over Again (A Zayn Malik Fan Fiction)

Hey. The names Jen and...my best friend is Zayn. Zayn Malik. Now I can imagine all of you are probably fan girling like "OMG! SHE KNOWS ZAYN JAWAAD MALIK! AHHHH *le faints*" I know for a fact that you just did that. You love him right? Yeah so did I. But he left me to go on the xfactor and believe me I was ecstatic for him! But then he stopped. Stopped talking to me, calling me. He just...stopped and he broke the one promise he made along with my heart.


2. Just My Luck

Cheyenne cleared her throat turning her head to look at me. "You okay?" She asked. I snap away from the tv and give her a look.

"Am I okay?" I fake laugh and send her a fake smile. "I am an independent woman who don't need no Malik!" I said standing up and pacing around the room. "I mean do I love him? Yeah but that doesn't matter because.....IT JUST DOESN'T MATTERh!" I tell tugging at my hair.

Melanie grabbed my shoulders and shook me around. "Jennifer! Shut up!" She said smiling at me. I nodded and sat back onto the couch.

"I'm fine. I'm fine." I repeated trying to convince myself more than Chey and Mel.

"Um...Jen?" I heard a light voice call. I turned to Cheyenne waiting for the bad news. When she gets all quiet and speaks like that...it means your in for a shitload of shit.

I groan. "No please no bad news!" I plead giving her a puppy dog look. She sadly smiled at me and continues.

"You have to babysit your lite bro, remember? Which means you might see him again." My eyes go wide and I groan again sinking back into the couch.

"When?" I ask with my grumpy voice.

"5 minutes." Melanie says getting up. " So lets get you all sexy and show that ass what he's been missing!" She yelled dragging me up to my room. I look at Chey for help but she just shakes her head and laughs as she bounces off to the kitchen.

God please save me.

Exactly 5 minutes later We're all heading to my house. Im in booty shorts and a tight t-shirt much to my dismay. 

"Meeelll! Why do I have to wear this?! I feel like stripper!!" Cheyenne burst out laughing from the back seat. I glared at her as he just gave me an innocent smile.

I swear one day I'm gonna-

"We're here!" Mel sing-songs as she hops out of the drivers seat. I groan pushing open my car door and pull down my shorts. I look to my right at Zayn's house and quickly loon away when I see one of the boys looking at me eyes bugging out of their head. 

God dammit! I don't want this!i quickly run into my house and up to my old room searching for something else to wear. I settle on some plain black pants and a loose, VERY loose t-shirt. I smile to myself and walk downstairs where Chey and Melanie are sitting with my brother Jeremy.

"Hey Jen!" Hey says running up to me and hugging me. I smile and ruffle his hair as I reply a short 'Hi' back. He lets go and goes back to playing his video games.

"Your mom just left. She said she was going to be late." Cheyenne said smiling mischievously. I quirks an eyebrow at her and she just looks away smirking to herself. I see the same look on Melanie's face and soon I can't take it anymore.

"WHAT'S WITH YOUR EVIL FACES?!" I yell throwing my hands in the air. Not two seconds later he doorbell rings.

"Right on time." Melanie says smirking at me and walking towards the door. She turns the corner and soon she's out of sight.

"What.Did.You.Do?"I ask fearing the answer. Cheyenne just smirks and grabs a controller playing Call of Duty with Jeremy. I sigh and walk in the direction of Melanie. I'm just about to turn the corner when I bump into somebody. 

"Sorry love." A deep raspy voice says. Ahhhhhhh shiet. I say to myself. This better not be-

"Harry?" I ask surprised. Here standing in front of me is Harry Styles. And where there'a Harry Styles there's-

"Jen?!" I hear a voice behind Harry say. We both glance behind him to see the one and only looking at me with shocked eyes.

Zayn God Damn Malik.

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