You Think Being Adopted By Five Boys Was Easy?....Smh!

Brielle Clark. That's the name of a 13 year old girl who's been through so much in her life. All she wanted was to have a regular life like anyone else. But due to her alcoholic and abusive father, she couldn't. So instead she has to live in a crumby orphanage. Fun, right? Not. But was is fun is being adopted by the one and only One Direction. Everything from Truth or Dare to Panic Attacks, Breakdowns to Prank Wars, Brielle does it all. But something unexpected happens. Will she let it keep her away from her beloved boys? You would have to see. All these things and more happen with Brielle as she indulges in the life of being One Direction's Little Sister.

And You Think Being Adopted By 5 Boys Was Easy?...Smh! You have yet to learn...


6. WINNERS!!!!!


Thank you all for participating if you did!! Here are the results as followed....


Zayn: Zay (babycakes2015)

Niall: Niallinator (Louis I Found Kevin)

Harry: Hazster (Nialler's_Twin)

Louis: Carrot Prince: (Nialler's_Twin, Genova Tomlinson)

Liam: Woody (Louis I Found Kevin)


Brielle's Nickname for all boys: Bri

Bri's Nickname for Louis: Ellie Belly (Julia_rose13)

Bri's Nickname for Niall: Marshmallow (1DirectionInfection12321)

Bri's Nickname for Harry: Kitten (Mrs Styles 2002 sister)

Bri's Nickname for Zayn: Elle

Bri's Nickname for Liam: Angel


Who she favors the most:

A tie between Niall and Louis


So this is the results!!! congrats to all winners!! You would get what I promised you and yea!! Tanks a million!!

(Also check out iluv1D4eva's stories!! Would mean alot to her and me! :)

Byeeee mustachians! x

~M&M Party Time!!~

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