You Think Being Adopted By Five Boys Was Easy?....Smh!

Brielle Clark. That's the name of a 13 year old girl who's been through so much in her life. All she wanted was to have a regular life like anyone else. But due to her alcoholic and abusive father, she couldn't. So instead she has to live in a crumby orphanage. Fun, right? Not. But was is fun is being adopted by the one and only One Direction. Everything from Truth or Dare to Panic Attacks, Breakdowns to Prank Wars, Brielle does it all. But something unexpected happens. Will she let it keep her away from her beloved boys? You would have to see. All these things and more happen with Brielle as she indulges in the life of being One Direction's Little Sister.

And You Think Being Adopted By 5 Boys Was Easy?...Smh! You have yet to learn...


4. Ummmm What?

Brielle's POV:

I am now all alone. Jazzy left a few hours ago because Ms. Hardaway said her punishment is over. The only reason I am still in here is because Ms. Hardaway clearly doesn't like me or want to see me. I've been in 'the spot' for 2 days now, without any food. All I had so far was a small cup of water. I am lucky to even get that.

Today is another adoption meet-and-greet time but I'm stuck in here. It's not like someone would adopt me anyway but still, it would be nice to get seen. I heard the front door of the orphanage open as the bell rung signaling someone has entered. I just sat there waiting for the time when this is all over. I sat in my little spot singing 'Change My Mind' by One Direction. I slump against the wall singing to myself nearing the end of the song. I began to see the light fade away into darkness as my eyelids drop. I just make it to the final line of the song as I saw the final glimpse of light before sleep takes over me.

"I'll change my mind..."

 Louis' POV:

We all followed Zayn into the orphanage to be greeted by an old, wrinkly woman. She looked to be in her mid-50's. "Can I help you?" She said with a sneer on her face. "Umm yes we would like to adopt a girl between the ages of 13-15" I said speaking up. "Wait here" the lady said. She then took out a whistle and blew in it. "ALL GIRLS 13-15, GET DOWN HERE NOW!!" She yelled in a piercing voice. I saw 19 girls run down the stairs like their life depended on it. They all lined up in 3 rows and faced the front not even looking at us. "These are all the girls for the ages you were looking for" she said.  

"No it's not. Brielle is still gone" a light-skinned girl with curly dark brown hair said. The lady looked over at her with a hard, cold glare on her face. The girl slumped down a little and looked away from the stare. "You can interact with all the girls and decide who you would like. I will be in my office. Come in there if you need anything. My name is Ms. Hardaway by the way' She said with a fake smile on her wrinkly face.

It's been 30 minutes now and the rest of the boys had no luck. I kind of like the girl who asked about some girl name Brielle. I found out her name is Jazzy and she likes to draw. I may consider getting her. I was about to move on to another girl when Niall came beside me.

Niall's POV:

"Lou I have to go to the bathroom" I told him as I stood beside him. "What?" "I said I have to go to the bathroom" I told him again getting slightly annoyed. "Well go ask Ms.Hardaway and find out where it is" he said rolling his eyes. "NO! she creeps me out" I said as an image of her popped into my mine. I gave a slight shiver as I tried to push it out. "Well, go upstairs and look around to see if you can find it" he said. I nodded and began to walk upstairs. I walked down a long hallway with barely visible lights. I saw a tiny door with keys on a hook beside it. I paid no mind to it and turned the corner into the bathroom.

I finally came out and was about to walk back downstairs. I started to pass the small door again when I heard a sound. It sounded like a snore. I bent down and pressed my ear against the door. It was in fact, it was a small snore. It sounded so cute and quiet. I thought it would just be a small dog or something but decided to open the door up anyway. I took the keys off the hook and unlocked the door. I was very surprised when I saw a child in there. "What the hell!!" I screamed not meaning too. I guess I startled the girl as her eyes popped opened. She looked at me and began to back up against the wall. She had fear showing throughout her eyes. She started blinking rapidly. I guess she was trying to focus her eyes because then she started to come towards me. She looked at me in my eyes. "Niall?" she said. I heard my name being shouted and footsteps coming up the stairs. "Niall what happened?" I heard Zayn say. Still too shocked I just pointed at the girl.

Brielle's POV:

"Niall...Harry...Zayn...Louis...Liam? Why are you here?" I asked shocked at what I am seeing. "We umm...uhhh...we were..umm..." Niall said trying to speak. "We were trying to find a little girl to adopt" Harry said stepping in. "Umm how do you know us?" Niall asked. "You are One Direction aren't you?" I asked with a smirk on my face because he seemed very clueless right now. "Oh..yea" he said looking down in embarrassment. I just smirked at him blushing. "So why are you in this tiny room, umm? "Brielle" I told Liam'. "Because Ms. Hardaway put me in here" I said looking down. "And why is that" he asked. "Well one, I was trying to help defend my best friend Jazzy. Two, is because she said no one wants to be near a "disgusting creature" like me" I said putting quotation marks around disgusting creature. "Well that's not true. We all like you. Even more now because you didn't scream in our faces like the other girls downstairs when they finally realized who we are" he said with a grin.

We sat there and talked for an hour. Just about random topics like hobbies and favorite colors and things. It was quite interesting actually. Even better because not one person came upstairs to see where the boys went. I was having fun.

Liam's POV:

I looked at the boys. We all looked at each other like we were thinking the same thing. After a minute we turned back around to face a smiling Brielle. Once she saw us staring at her, her smile slowly dropped. "What's wrong?" she asked slightly worried. "Well Brielle we have to go now..." I said looking at her. "Oh." she said dropping her head. "And we wanted to know if you want to come with us" Louis said with a grin on his face. "Huh?' she said with a confused expression on her face. "Love, what were saying is.." I trailed off looking at the boys. "We want to adopt you!!" we all said at the same time, smiling.

Brielle's POV:

Ummmm What?


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