You Think Being Adopted By Five Boys Was Easy?....Smh!

Brielle Clark. That's the name of a 13 year old girl who's been through so much in her life. All she wanted was to have a regular life like anyone else. But due to her alcoholic and abusive father, she couldn't. So instead she has to live in a crumby orphanage. Fun, right? Not. But was is fun is being adopted by the one and only One Direction. Everything from Truth or Dare to Panic Attacks, Breakdowns to Prank Wars, Brielle does it all. But something unexpected happens. Will she let it keep her away from her beloved boys? You would have to see. All these things and more happen with Brielle as she indulges in the life of being One Direction's Little Sister.

And You Think Being Adopted By 5 Boys Was Easy?...Smh! You have yet to learn...


8. Never Let Weirdos Go Into A Mall

Brielle's POV:

We finally arrived at the mall!! It's so big! I can't believe it. I got out the car admiring the building while the others were trying to help Harry off the ground. You may be windering how he's on the ground. You see, this is my first time actually seeing the mall. So when we finally parked, Harry started getting out the car, but he took to long. So I may, or may not have pushed him making him fall. IT WAS AN ACCIDENT! I SWEAR!!!

After Harry got up and Niall finally calmed down from laughing we started to walk towards the entrance. Well actually, me and Louis started to run like maniacs towards it. We could hear Liam calling after us but we didn't care. We got to the door way before the other boys. They were taking too long to come so I thought of a plan.

"Heyyy Loueehhhh" I said with a mischievous smirk on my face. "Yeah Ellie Belly?" He said. I busted out laughing at my new nickname. "Is there a problem?" He said with his eyebrows raised. "N-n-no" I attempt to say, but was laughing to hard. Knowing the boys was close, I dragged Louis far away from the door. "Wanna hide from the boys?" I asked him with a sneaky glint in my eye. He had the same glint as me. "Why yes, I would love too" Louis said with a wicked smirk on both of our faces. Louis took out his phone and began texting. A minute later he put his phone away. I looked at him waiting for him to tell me what he said.

"I sent a text to Liam telling him what we are doing. Right now, the other boys will be looking for us. "What about Liam?"  Liam said he's gonna shop around" Louis said while I laughed. "Ooohhhh this is gonna be fuunnn!!!" I said rubbing my hands together. But a thought popped into my mind. "Wouldn't you boys get spotted?" I looked up at Louis to see that he had a beanie and shades  already on. "Beat you to the punch, huh?" He said giving a slight chuckle. "I guess you did" I said giving a chuckle myself. "Well we should get going now before we get caught already. He nodded and we started to speed walk to different places.

Let the games begin...

Louis' POV:

This was a smart idea Brielle created. It seems very fun. I know there's a chance we can be spotted by a fan or paparazzi or get into trouble. But who cares? Live for the moment right? I ran over to Forever 21 knowing nobody would check for me in here first. I go to the back of the store and hide underneath a clothes rack. I pulled out my phone knowing I may be here for a while. Twenty minutes has passed and I have yet not been found. the boys anyway. One of the sales ladies found me hiding and kicked me out. Talk about rudeness.

So now I'm walking around the store trying to keep under the radar. I have to keep turning around watching my back making sure no one was following me. I heard footsteps near me. I turned around but saw no one there. This pattern continued until I felt someone jump on my back and cover my mouth. "Follow me and don't make a sound or try to run" the voice said. I obeyed and followed the person into a hallway leading to the bathrooms. I was stood against the wall and the hand was removed from my mouth.

"Ok now listen up..."

Liam's POV:

I was walking around the mall going into stores. I decided to stop at Apple to get Bri a phone. I mean we are hiding around in a big store with no way to contact her. I go over to the Iphone section. I found a white Iphone 4s. It was now time to choose the case. She told us her favorite colors were purple, grey, red, etc. So I decided to get her case with a bow. The bow was purple with black dots. It had a white mustache on the back too. I decided she would like it so I got all of the items. I was walking out the store headed to... JCPenny's. She DID need stuff for her room you know? I was making my way down when someone yanked my arm. I turned around to face Brielle.

"Hey Bri" I said with a smile. "Heyyyy Wooodddyyyyy!!!" She said dragging out the words. "So I am  Woody now?" I asked with a smirk. "Yup!" She said popping the 'p' "I remember you telling me you liked Toy Story". I smiled, "Wanna tag along? I'm getting stuff to decorate your bedroom" I said while walking along. "Wait a minute, wait a minute. YOUR getting stuff to decorate MY room? Don't you need me for that?" She said acting very much like Louis. "Gosh, you act like Louis" I said with a smirk. "Whatever!! Let's just go get the stuff...Wooooddyyyy" she said in a mocking tone. I actually don't mind though. It has a nice....whadoyousay...ring to it.

Louis' POV:

"WHAT THE HELL!!!! CHRIST HARRY YOU COULDN'T JUST TEXT ME TO COME HERE OR SOMETHING!! I said now mad but relieved with the lad. "Sooorryy! It just seemed more fun this way!" he said while clutching his sides in laughter. I just gave him a cold stare. "YOU ALMOST GAVE ME A HEART ATTACK!!" he was getting ready to say something but I cut him off. "Don't you dare start singing!" "Well geesh, SOMEONE can't take a joke" he said wiping tears from his eyes. I started to laugh with him but turned dead serious. "So what did you want anyway? I asked. "Noooothing" he said grinning. "You have 3 seconds to run" I said with a blank face. His eyes widened and he took off down the hallway.

"YOU'LL NEVER CATCH ME ALIVE!!" he shouted from ahead. "We'll see about that" I yelled back with a grin plastered on my face. I chased him around the mall, then following him into a store. I didn't pay attention to the sign and just went in.

Oh how I wish I would've looked.

WE WERE IN IN FREAKING VICTORIA'S SECRET!!! "Ahhhhh my poor eyes!!! I shouted seeing things I didn't want too. (At the moment ;)) "Harryyyy..." I whisper-yelled. I walked around a bit acting casual. I was heading to the back of the store when a voice said my name. "O-o-oh m-m-my g-god...LOUIS?!?! I heard a high-pitched voice say. But, instead of seeing a fan, I saw Harry standing there with a pair of underwear in his hand. He was holding it like a slingshot.

"Hazza...what are you doing?" I said slowly and quietly inching towards him. "THIS!!!" he said while launching the underwear at me. It landed on my head covering half of my face. He ran away laughing.

Ohhhh it's go time now!

Zayn's POV: 

I was tired of looking for Elle and Louis so I went to the food court. I wasn't surprised that I saw Niall there pigging out on Nando's. "Vas Happenin" I said pulling out a chair and sitting down. "Nothing much. Just sitting here with my food. You want some?' he asked arms outstretched with a wing in his hand towards me. I looked at him. He looked at me. We then started to laugh. "Yea right." I said not believing the Irish lad. He continued to eat his food while I was on my phone. I checked Twitter and saw all the usual comments from our fans. I put my phone up just in time to see Niall finishing up. "You ready?" he asked. "Yup" I said. We then walked aimlessly around the wall. We just happened to past JCPenny's. While walking past we saw Liam and Brielle at the cash register. It looked like they bought decorative stuff for her room. Niall and I decided to wait for them. We hid behind a fake tree waiting for the moment they stepped out. They were taking forever to come out so I just started to talk to Niall.

"BOO!!!" came a voice from the other side of the tree. "Christ Brielle! Are you trying to kill me?!?" Niall and I said at the same time. We all laughed and started to walk around. We went to a few shops to get Brielle some clothes. After we had enough of shopping we decided to go home. "Has anyone seen the boys" I asked as we walked some more. "Found them!!" Brielle said pointing into a store.

Brielle's POV:

Oh my gosh. Louis and Harry are in Victoria's Secret hitting each other with bras. I walked inside the store by myself since the other boys were to scared too. "Boys" I said firmly trying to get their attention. They wouldn't listen. "OOOOHHHHH BOOOYYYSSS!!!" I said louder this time. They still didn't listen. So I took a bra and hit both of them with it. They both stopped to look at me. "Oh no you did NOT just do that?!?" Louis said all sassy-like. "Oh yes I just did" I said sassing back. "Ooohhhhh" I heard 3 voices say. I saw that the other boys had came in; except for Liam. "Did you just seriously sass back at Louis?" Harry said with his mouth opened. "Mmmm Hmmm" I said while rolling my neck. "And there isn't anything he can do about it" I said with a smirk. I then felt something hit my face. Someone threw lacy underwear at me!! I then picked up a sports bra and threw it at Lou. He smirked and tried to hit me with a bra. It just ended up hitting Niall. "It's gonna be like that, huh?" he said picking the bra up. Instead of throwing it at me or Louis though, he put it on Zayn's head. "MY HAIR!!!" he yelled out, taking the bra off his head trying to fix it. Once he finally gave up he turned to us with a evil stare. "Oh it's on!".

Liam's POV:

I wonder what's taking them so long!! It's been 15 minutes already! I then decided to swallow my pride and go in. I walked around the store spotting them in the back. LOOK AT THE MESS THEY MADE!! There's underwear, bras, and lingerie all over the ground. We are gonna get in so much trouble. They were so oblivious to me standing here so I began to open my mouth but was cut off. "Hey! What do you kids think you're doing?!?" a security guard asked. "Ummm having a bra fight...duh!" Brielle said with a Are-you-really-asking-that-question face. "Well you guys are in so much-- he was about to say something else but we didn't hear it. We were already out of the store. "THE CAR!!" I yelled at the boys and Brielle. I took the lead, me still having the bags in my hand.

Why did they have to cause so much trouble?!?

Brielle's POV:

We ran non-stop to the entrance even though no one was chasing us. Once we made it outside, we stopped to catch our breath. As they took a minute to collect theirselves, I was standing against the wall waiting. My mind wondered off thinking about unknown and random things. Louis then can beside me with his hand out interrupting my pointless thoughts.

"Shall we Ellie Belly?" he said with a grin on his face. He then bowed down like he was a prince. "We shall, my Carrot Prince" I said deciding to play along. I took his hand, mirroring the grin he had on his face. We then skipped down towards the car. Once all the boys got in we began to drive. I rested my head on Niall's shoulder. He began to run his hands through my hair with his arm around me.

"Did you have fun today?" he said while looking down at me. "Yup! I learned one very important thing today" I said smiling. "And what is that?" he said, sill running his fingers through my hair. "I learned to never let weirdos into the mall or things can get really crazy!" I said. We all then started to laugh. "Well love, this is only the start" Liam said smiling form beside me. "The start?!?" I said confused. "Yup. You will have to deal with media, fans, paps, busy schedules, and our craziness" Louis said laughing. 

Are you kidding me?!? 


Hey I updated like i sad I would. YAYYYY!!! And this a loong chapter! So yeah..idk when I will update again. Maybe Saturday...idk o_O 

So, so long all fluffie mustachians!! But I leave you with this....PURPLE CARROTS LOVE TO KISS HARRY GOODNIGHT WHILE LOUIS SNOGS ME!! (for JadeOfficial)

~I'm A Goofy Goober~

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