Mackenzie is the girl that no one notices, the girl that everyone hates. What happens when a boy from the most famous band falls for her...hard?


1. Barely Breathing

I pressed the tears into my eyes. No one could see me like this. If they knew that I was hurt by their words they would attack me more. I walked down the halls of my school towards the door. I passed people who were muttering things like 'slut' 'bitch' 'whore' 'waste of space' 'kill yourself' 'no one loves you'. The words drilled into my head. I quickly left the school and headed to the bus station. I felt as if I was being followed. I looked behind me and saw a man. He looked to be about 20 his brown hair perfectly styled into a quiff. His brown eyes were fixated on me. He caught me looking and smiled. Something about him was familiar, it made me uncomfortable. I turned and quickened my pace. I turned the corner to face a even bigger night mare. 

"Oh look its the fat slut. She must be working!" Ashley exclaimed. I kept my head down and continued. Before I could go far I was pulled back sharply. I turned to face her. "You worthless whore." She spat. Her friends laughed. Jade spoke up "Go kill yourself no one would miss you." I pulled from her grasp. Then I felt a sharp pain in my cheek.  Ashley's boyfriend Jase slapped me. He pushed me onto the grass and started to kick me. Thats when I heard someone scream stop.

"Why?" Jase asked. I looked up to see the boy that I ran from earlier grow angry. He threw his hand out and made a solid contact with Jase's throat. He gasped and fell back. "That's why." The boy spat. The three of the ran off. The boy knelt down and put his hand on my shoulder. "What's your name love?" He asked.

"If I told you, you would walk away. Everyone hates me." I whispered.

"I don't. I'm Liam. Your turn?" He said.

"Mackenzie.... call me Mac." I said. He smiled brightly. I tried to stand but couldn't. His expression changed to worry. He picked me up bridal style. I nuzzled into his neck. He laughed. "What? Your warm." I said in a defensive tone, he laughed some more. 

"Where do you live?" He asked. I couldn't go home. My parents kicked me out a few weeks ago. 

"Uhh well... I don't have one." I said whispering the last part. He sighed. "It's all good you will stay with me. Just warning you I live with 4 others and they are crazy." I laughed. I curled up into his chest and fell asleep.

I felt myself being set down on something that felt like a bed. I suddenly felt as if 4 sets of eyes were watching me. My eyes slowly opened to 4 smiling teenage boys. I got really scared then their expressions changed to worried. "Li!" The one with curly hair called out. Liam came running in. He saw me and my expression and ran over to me picking me up. I was still really scared. I have bad experiences with boys. I started to shake. Liam pointed to the door and they all filed out silently. The blonde one stopped and turned around. "We didn't break her did we?" He asked Liam chuckled and shook his head.

"Are you okay?" He asked me.

"Yah.... I was just surprised..... I don't exactly have good experiences with guys." I confessed. 

"Do you want to tell me? I'm a good ear." He offered.

"I will tell you everything in time.... but for now.... well I sort of get bullied at school." I whispered. "It's gets pretty bad.... Everyone hates me for no reason.... everyday I'm told to kill myself, that I'm worthless, a whore, a slut. I'm told that no one will every love me not even my own parents. Which is true because they kicked me out a week ago. The guys hit me all the time. Once I was invited to a party by my one friend and I went... but the quarterback sliped something in my drink and raped me... She found out and called me a stupid bitch. She told me that I could have fought him off. Her name was Ashley... Jase was the quarterback at the party and the guy walking with her today that started to kick me." I ended telling him everything. Realizing my situation I stood up and found the bathroom. I ran in and locked the door. Liam I guess followed me because he started to knock on the door.

"Mac..." He said from the other side. I looked in the drawers and found a razor. I sat down on the floor crying. "Go away Liam.." I said in tears. I brought the metal to my wrist. I slid it across a pulsing vein. I winced but the pain soon subsided. 

"Mac don't do anything stupid... please." He pleaded. I cried some more and continued to cut. "I'm just doing what everyone wants me to do." I cried. 

"MAC! NO! Move away from the door NOW!" He screamed. I moved and cried some more. I shut my eyes and over my crying I heard a loud bang. My eyes shot open the door was hanging crookedly on a hinge. Liam was soon kneeling in front of me. Thats when I realized that I still had the razor. "Mac.... give me the razor... please." He begged.

"No I just want it all to end. It hurts." I cried. He gently rubbed my knee. "That's not the answer. Mac I can help you, you're not alone. Just please hand me the razor." He calmly said. I dropped it and he pulled me into his arms. He started to rock me. I cried into his chest. He started to sing to me.

Shut the door
Turn the light off
I wanna be with you
I wanna feel your love
I wanna lay beside you
I cannot hide this
Even though I try

Heart beats harder
Time escapes me
Trembling hands
Touch skin
It makes this harder
And the tears stream down my face



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