Miley west a normal high schooler who goes to green ridge high in Oklahoma. Had always dreamed of seeing one of her favorite bands in the whole world. But when she gets a chance to for fill her dream something unexpected happens....read to find out..


1. Normal day.

It's a normal day for Miley west and her best friends Sam and kaylee. Who are one:HUGE one direction lovers.. Or directioners and two: always sit at the second to last table at lunch. But they don't care what people think of them.  Their just normal high school girls trying to fit in...

I can't wait for prom this year! 'Says my friend kaylee as we stand in the bathroom fixing our hair and makeup'. I know it's gonna be sick!not literally.. If you know what I'm- 'whe know what you mean kaylee...'both me and Sam say.she thinks we never get any of her jokes.' Going to Cheshire,England for prom! I thought our principle was to cheap to do anything cool. But seriously!? England?! 'Says Sam VERY excitedly '. Hey Maybe if we're lucky we'll see harry,Niall,Louis,zany and Liam their 'I say as I nudge kaylee' I hope we do! Oh please. One direction? Wow you guys must be stupid if u like them...'ugh Chelsea head cheerleader... She thinks she rules the school.. Reality check..SHE DOSENT.. Ugh my throat hurts..Britney get me some water 'ahh Britney she's the ex-head cheerleader if your wondering why I'm saying ex-.. It's because Britney used to actually rule the school..but she WASENT mean like Chelsea she was nice to people... Me and her are secretly friends because Chelsea won't let the populars mix with the un-populars..she thinks it spreads like a virus or something...' I hear kaylee whisper to herself' I bet your legs hurt too...*chelsea*what? *kaylee* what? 'I try not to laugh as we put the finishing touches on our hair and make up and walk out into the hallways and as we walk by geeky guys stair at us like they're gonna rape us or something...'  "Hey" 'I recognize the voice and its one of our guy friends jake.. Jake isent like regular dudes.. He's different.. He has everything in his back pack and always try's to sell us something..' Hey jake 'I say trying to avoid further conversation' "hey wait up I have something you might want to see      Authors note: sorry about the errors I'm really tired.. And I'll take suggestions for the next chapter:) ill make sure to read every single comment... :)

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