Mind Games

In a world slowly drawing to an end, a strange mutated disease manifests. Youths who suffer from heterochromia suddenly have the ability to project their thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations directly into the minds of their peers. These Freaks, as they are called, as a menace to society and a danger to the populace, are sent into government controlled isolation camps, where their new powers cannot harm others. However, the government hides a horrible secret. Within these compounds, hundreds of experiments are being preformed upon the healthy, unwanted children who find themselves placed there. Because the men in power don't really want a cure. They want an army.
In the midst of their suffering, two unlucky teenagers find each other and, through their bond, stay sane in a world going mad. But can love really save a life, or is it all just a lie concocted to make them more malleable?


1. Prologue: Love Story

This is not a love story. This is not the story of that magnanimous thing that is us. This is a story about isolation, pain, and

death. This is the story of the search for freedom, for belonging. For a family. This is my story, and no matter how much he is a part of me, I’ve left him behind.

            No. This is not his story. This is my story. This is my life.

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