Bring it on

Aliyah Epstein, wished to become the backup singer of her favorite band The Wanted. She was they're biggest fan, and was in love with one of them. She hoped that becoming their backup singer can get her closer to all of them. When her plan backfires, and she finds out that her "love of her life" is with someone else, will she turn to the wanted's enemies, One Direction? Or will she find them as some annoying british lads? What if she fell in love with a band member from One Direction? She plays it tough, but a certain someone thinks that she will fall under his spell. Aliyah is taunted by him, who is Zayn Malik, he keeps saying that she loves him. As well as Harry. When she loses it, a battle begins. A battle of love,betrayal,trust, and hatred. Let the best band win.





"EEEEEEKKKKK!" I scream and jump around. "What, what is it Aliyah?" Richard asks me. "GUESS WHOS SINGING BACKUP FOR THE WANTED?" I scream. "OH MY GOSH! Congratulations Aliyah! I am so proud of you sweetheart!" He says and hugs me. I hug him back. I give him a kiss on his cheek, he deserved it. "Thank you Richard... I've put you through so much, and you've always been here to help, I love you..." I say. "I love you too angel." he says and kisses my forehead. We pull away and the boys are staring at us, the one with the ski slope hair looks upset. What's his issue? "You guys are dating?" the stripes one says. "EW NO! Ricardo is like my dad." I say. Richard stares at me and laughs at his nickname I gave him when i was 6. "Oh so like your second dad?" the curls ask. "Uh... yah something.. like ... that." I say and look down avoiding looking anyone in the eyes. "Aliyah.. are you ok?" Richard asks. I nod and mumble, "I need to go.. use the bathroom... be right.... back." I run off to the bathroom and into the stall. I sink down to the floor and cry not caring that i am on a dirty bathroom floor. Memories come back in my head from the night he died. *le memory starts* "PRINCESS! GO HIDE NOW! GO RIGHT NOW ANGEL!" My daddy shouts at me. "Daddy why?" I say in my 7 year old voice. "They're coming... the said.... Princess please go." he says and hugs me tight. "I wanna stay with you..." I say crying. "Shh don't cry.. I'll be there ok? I love you, remember that, I will always love you, angel." He says. The footsteps come closer. I hug him tighter and say,"I love you too daddy." He kisses me on the cheek and I do the same. We hear doors opening, two more down, and they would find us. "Keep me in your heart, angel. Tell momma i love her. I love you.. Aliyah." he says. I nod and kiss him on the cheek once more, and he returns the favor. "Go.. angel. I love you Aliyah.." He says. "I love you too daddy... so much." I say and he nods. I run down in the basement. Then the shot fired, and everything was a blur. *le memory ends* I should've stayed with him. I could've saved him. I could've seen him... and knew who killed him. I didnt. I was an idiot. I still am an idiot. I miss him. The rest of my life though... has been worse though. Mom had gone insane at the thought of dad dying, and recently got better, after I turned 16. I am 18 now, turning 19 in a few days. I need to hear my mom's voice.. now. I call her quickly. "Hello? This is Caroline Epstein speaking." she says. "Mom..." I say breaking into sobs. "Sweetie? Are you alright, baby?" I hear her worried voice say. "I thought about him..." i say crying. "Oh honey... do you want to come home?" she asks. "No, no its fine." I say realizing what a stupid idea this was. "i can leave work early darling." she says. "Its fine.. I just wanted to hear your voice." I say letting out a shaky breath. "Ok baby. Call me if you need me. Love you. Bye" she says and hangs up. I get up and walk out of the bathroom stall. I check the lobby, but they aren't there anymore. I go to the interview room and see the faces of the british boy band. "Richard... Im gonna go." I say and he nods. I wave bye to the boys. Wait why am i being nice? Stop it. I quickly put my hand down. I walk out and go to the poster shop. I see the wanted, and look at the amazing face of Nathan. Oh the hotness. I see on the poster it says JUST A CITY BOY. Coincidence? Theres no such thing as coincidences.. in life. Nathan, beware, here i come.


AUTHOR NOTE: How are you liking it? READ PLEASE! COMMENT WHICH BAND YOU LIKE BETTER! LOL. and who you want her to end up with! READ FIGHT FOR OUR LOVE AS WELL! Thanks loves!

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