Our Story

Karen is a girl who once went out with Niall before he was famous. When Niall joins the X-Factor they grow apart and break up. While Niall goes on tour Karen also wants a good career so she auditions For shows,movies and she finally gets a part in a movie 'Captain America' Chris Evans and her fall in love and go on dates. Niall still loves Karen and when he finds out that she's in actor and is famous and that shes dating Chris Evans he is determined to get her back.


1. Getting to know each other

Karens POV I was sitting on chair in Starbucks waiting for my frien Freddy to come. While i was sitting down this cute blond boy with gentle blue eys came up to me and said"is this seat taken?" so i said "um no it's not" i said smiling. " Im Niall,Niall Horan. "Nice to meet you Niall,Niall Horan. " "Im Karen ,Karen Edwards!" Way to go Karen such a dork you are. i thought to myself. Niall:I love your smile Karen. Me:Thank you Niall. i said looking down cuz i was blushing i guesses he noticed because he said something. Niall:ni need to blush love. I looked up and he was smiling. Me:ah so you have braces? Niall:yup! Me:well you look adorable! he then turned a bit red.
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