what happens when a girl finds out her boy friend is an abuser and runs in to niall horan will they fall in love or will they stay apart fead to find out what happenes to ally.


1. get away from me

Just get away from me Mike I can't believe you just want me for a slave we are over.  No we are not over you will not talk to me this way now do what i say or you get punished.  Mike I am your fucking girlfriend not your slave just then he pushed me on the counter and burned me when he stopped and fell asleep I stole his money and ran as far as I could.  I ran in to some guy but who was it I looked up and oh my god it was Niall James Horan I love him so much.  He looked at me a bit concerned going some where he asked as I tried to sneak past him.  Oh ya to the bark where I can sleep I replied why there he asked so I explained that my boyfriend abused me so I ran while I could he said babe you are coming with me you are hurt and I ran over to him but fell I think I hurt my foot.  It is OK we will ice it when we get home I remembered he lived with boys Niall I said i can't do this the boys he told me not to worry they won't hurt me and I knew I could trust him so I said ok we got home and he pun me on the couch and Louis said mate does she need ice yes he said so Louis went to get me ice and Niall helped me ice it.  It hurt so bad I screamed but I was fine so we went to bed Niall slept with me that is when he said Ally will you go out with me?  Of course I replied we cuddled and he made sure I was safe.

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