One Direction Fan Fiction: Niall Version

Nari has had a tough life. Her father is an alcoholic who comes home almost every night drunk and abuses his wife and daughter. One night things go to far and Nari runs away. What will happen when one guy helps and changes her view of everything and everyone in the world and shows her what real love is? What will her dad do? What will her mom do? What will her stalker ex boyfriend from 5 years ago do to try to get her back? Find out by reading the fan fiction.

I hope you all enjoy!!! Feel free to critisize and complement if you want so I can make it better!!! Also please give suggestions. Maybe I'll put them in my fan fiction! :D thank you!!! ~Freedom


5. Truth or Dare?


Nari's POV:

I finished getting ready and went to my room. I put on black leggings and a purple hoodie then went downstairs. 

I looked around the room for Niall and decided to ask Louis.

"Where's Niall?" I said shyly.
"Um, kitchen?" He said.

I walked to the kitchen and saw him standing at the fridge looking around. I smiled and tip toed over to him. 

I wrapped my arms around him.

"Who is it?" He said sarcastically.
"Just some girl. You know." I said.

I let go of him and he turned around and set me up on the counter. He looked at the fridge and shrugged, closed the door and stood in front of me. I put my arms around his neck and smiled.

Niall's POV:

She put her arms around my neck and smiled, gosh, that smile. I smiled back at her and kissed her cheek. 

"You're so beautiful." I said.
"Well, you're really handsome." She said.


Niall rolled his eyes, helped me off the counter and we walked in to the living room where the rest of the boys were. 

We sat in a circle of course. It was Louis, Liam, Zayn, Me, Niall, then Harry was beside Niall and Louis.

No Ones POV:

"Who wants to go first?" Louis asked.
"I'll go." Zayn said.
"Ok, truth or dare Zayn?" Louis said.
"Truth." He said.
"Hmm. Who was your first kiss?" Louis asked.
"Mate, I can't remember, it was forever ago." He said honestly.
"Oh come on!" Harry said.
"Hmmm. Maybe a girl in year one?" He said.
"Mate, you're a player." Louis laughed.
"Yeah, yeah." Zayn rolled his eyes.

The game went on but no one wanted to do a dare, until.

Nari's POV:

"Harry, truth or dare?" Zayn asked.
"Dare." Harry looked at Zayn.
"I dare you and Nari to go to the closet and have ten minutes of pleasure." Zayn said evilly. 
"Really mate? We just met her today!" Harry said.
"Niall?" Louis said.
"It was a dare." Niall looked at me upset.
"It was." I said face palming.
"Now go you two!" Zayn said.

I slowly got up and walked to the closet with Harry looking back at Niall concerned the whole time. He gave me a faint smile and turned back to the guys. 

"Niall, truth or dare?" Liam said.
"Truth." Niall said. 

After that the door to the closet closed and the light turned on.

"So." Harry whispered.
"Hmm?" I said.
"Can we?" Harry said.
"I promised myself I wouldn't." I whispered.
"Then we can just kiss I guess?" He said.
"For." I checked my phone."5 minutes?" 
"Make out?" 

I face palmed. 

"Fine, lets just, see what happens." He said.

Then he kissed me, I kissed him back and I sat down silently on the floor with my legs criss crossed. He sat down and kissed me and of course I kissed him back. 

He put his hand inside my hoodie on the small of my back and pulled me closer to him. I wrapped my arms around him and I heard a knock on the door. 

"Time's up!" Zayn said.

We stood up and I opened the door. 

"Everything is neat, so they didn't have sex." Zayn said, "Or they're really neat."
"We didn't." I said.
"We did not have sex." Harry said.
"Oh, well, that was kind of pointless then." Zayn said.
"No, she wanted to save it for a special person, and I understand that." Harry said.
"Aw! Who?" Louis asked.
"I'm not say-" I said.
"Niall." Harry interrupted.
"HARRY!" I screamed.

I ran upstairs crying, slammed my door and locked it. I crawled into a ball on my bed and didn't even get under the covers. I just curled up in a ball and cried. I heard yelling downstairs and then footsteps coming up the stairs.

"I'm sorry Nari!" Harry said.
"Leave me alone you jerk!" I screamed still crying.

He went down the stairs.

I heard Niall's door open and then the bathroom door leading to my room opened. Someone walked over to my bed and sat down beside me.

"Leave me alone!" I screamed.
"It's Niall." Niall said soothing.

He laid down beside me and put his arms around me, I cried into his bare chest. He held me in his arms and we just laid there. 

"I'm sorry what Harry said." Niall said.

I didn't answer.

"Is there any way I can help you Nari?" He asked.

I looked at him. 

"Kiss me Niall." I said tears running down my cheeks.


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