One Direction Fan Fiction: Niall Version

Nari has had a tough life. Her father is an alcoholic who comes home almost every night drunk and abuses his wife and daughter. One night things go to far and Nari runs away. What will happen when one guy helps and changes her view of everything and everyone in the world and shows her what real love is? What will her dad do? What will her mom do? What will her stalker ex boyfriend from 5 years ago do to try to get her back? Find out by reading the fan fiction.

I hope you all enjoy!!! Feel free to critisize and complement if you want so I can make it better!!! Also please give suggestions. Maybe I'll put them in my fan fiction! :D thank you!!! ~Freedom


12. Keeping It A Secret(short chapter) (content)

Louis's POV:


Harry and I were kissing for a few minutes. When we stopped, we were both just shocked.

"I don't know why Lou, it's just been confusing for me." Harry said.


He started to cry and I hugged him trying to comfort him.


"It's okay mate, it's ok. Things have been confusing for me too. I mean, I used to dream about Eleanor and I every night, but I don't anymore. I dream about someone else and I now. It's been confusing." I said.


Why did I just tell him that? I mean, I trust him, but why do I feel like Larry is actually supposed to happen?


"Really?" Harry asked.

"Yeah." I said.

Harry just hugged me and we stayed like this for a while. After a few minutes my mouth spoke before I could stop it.

"So what does this mean for us?" I asked.

"I don't want people to know. I mean, can you imagine what would happen if people found out?" Harry looked at me.

"I can't imagine." I shook my head.


Harry and I just sat there looking in to each others eyes. I felt my heart start to beat faster and I had a sudden urge to kiss him.


Harry's POV:


"I can't imagine." Louis said shaking his head.


Gosh, I just wanted to kiss him. But we just looked in to each others eyes. I had enough, I pulled him closer and kissed him. Butterflies erupted in my stomach as we continued to kiss. Louis pulled at my shirt, so I took my shirt off and then took his shirt off. I kissed him again and he kissed me back, Louis shivered as I traced his spine. I smiled while kissing him and so did he.


This continued for a while, then we were both tired so we went upstairs to my room. Louis took off his pants and jumped on to my bed and winked. I smiled and took off my pants then climbed on top of him and kissed him. Everything seemed perfect, his touch, everything. I rolled over letting him on top and he kissed my neck, and kept going lower until he got to my boxers. My eyes were closed enjoying him kissing me when I opened my eyes I realized he was taking off his boxers. I smirked and sat up taking my boxers off too. I kissed him and got on top. I kissed his neck then his lips again. We paused for a second and just looked at each other. Louis laid on his stomach and I entered him. He moaned as I pushed in and out. After a while I stopped and he did the same to me, I fell asleep kissing him.

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