One Direction Fan Fiction: Niall Version

Nari has had a tough life. Her father is an alcoholic who comes home almost every night drunk and abuses his wife and daughter. One night things go to far and Nari runs away. What will happen when one guy helps and changes her view of everything and everyone in the world and shows her what real love is? What will her dad do? What will her mom do? What will her stalker ex boyfriend from 5 years ago do to try to get her back? Find out by reading the fan fiction.

I hope you all enjoy!!! Feel free to critisize and complement if you want so I can make it better!!! Also please give suggestions. Maybe I'll put them in my fan fiction! :D thank you!!! ~Freedom


9. Everyone is Gone


-Skip forward 2 months-

Nari's POV:

Niall and I had been together for over two months now and we love each other more than ever. The boys are on a break right now and everyone is visiting their families, except me.

I stretched and yawned as I had just woken up. I looked around me, I was alone in my room. I suddenly remembered everyone is going to be gone for two weeks. I frowned and sat up in my bed rubbing my eyes. 

It was 10:00 am and everyone was gone. I had no one to hang out with. Then a knock came on my door.

"Come in." I called out. 

I got up out of my bed and stretched some more. 

"Um, babe?" A thick Irish accent rang in my ears.
"Yes Niall?" I said looking at him.
"Um." He pointed at me.

I looked down and face palmed myself. I forgot I was only wearing a sports bra and some Soffe shorts. 

I ran over to my closet and grabbed a T-shirt. As I started to put the shirt on someone grabbed the shirt and threw it back in the closet. I turned around to see Niall close to me smirking as he pulled me closer to him. I put my arms around his neck. 

"You are such a bad boy." I said emphasizing "such".
"Oh you know you love me anyway." He said.
"I do." I smirked.

I put my hand on his chest and lightly pushed him away, grabbed my shirt, and put it on before he could grab it again. 

As I walked out of the closet he wrapped his arms around my waist and picked me up, carrying me over to the bed.

"What are you doing?! Put me down!" I said laughing.

He just laughed and laid me on the bed.

"You've been a naughty girl." He said.
"But, I thought I was nice." I said innocently.

Niall laughed and kissed me. I kissed him back and we stayed like this for a few minutes. 

"I got to get a shower Niall." I said.
"No, you don't." He said.
"Yes, I really do." I said.
"Fine." He sighed.

I got up and walked over to the bathroom and took a quick shower. 

After I got out of the shower and got ready I went downstairs to find Niall making pancakes. Happily I walked over to him and gave him a huge hug. 

"Aren't you going to see your family?" I asked.
"No, I'm staying with you, I don't want you to be alone here." He said.
"Aww, well, thank you." I said.
"Well, I tried my best to make these pancakes, I hope they're ok!" Niall said.
"I'm sure we'll find out soon!" I said laughing.

We both laughed and sat down at the table. I braced myself for the first bite and it was really good. I immediately looked up at Niall and smiled.

Getting up, I walked over to him and kissed him. 

"It's really amazing." I said. 
"Why thank you!" He replied. 

I sat in his lap after I grabbed my plate and ate. We talked and laughed a lot then cleaned up the kitchen. After that we went to the living room and watched a movie, Pirates of the Caribbean 1. 

Half way through the movie I heard something in the kitchen so I told Niall I'd be right back and went to the kitchen. 

I quietly walked down the long hallway toward the kitchen and flipped the kitchen light on, nothing. Then everything went black. 

Niall's POV: 

Half way through Pirates of the Caribbean Nari got up to do something, so I shrugged it off, until I heard a loud thud and a dragging sound. 

I jumped off the couch and ran into the hallway to find the most unpleasant sight. Peter.

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