One Direction Fan Fiction: Niall Version

Nari has had a tough life. Her father is an alcoholic who comes home almost every night drunk and abuses his wife and daughter. One night things go to far and Nari runs away. What will happen when one guy helps and changes her view of everything and everyone in the world and shows her what real love is? What will her dad do? What will her mom do? What will her stalker ex boyfriend from 5 years ago do to try to get her back? Find out by reading the fan fiction.

I hope you all enjoy!!! Feel free to critisize and complement if you want so I can make it better!!! Also please give suggestions. Maybe I'll put them in my fan fiction! :D thank you!!! ~Freedom


1. Beginning of the End

Nari Vincent (Nar-ee Ven-cent)

Nari's POV:

I walked down the street with my head down and my headphones in listening to Lullaby by Nickleback. A flashback from earlier went through my head. 

"Go to hell!" My dad screamed at me.

I was cornered and dad punched my stomach and I doubled over. He started kicking my sides. 

Dad came home drunk and this is how he treats mom and I when he comes home like this. 

I stumbled to the bathroom soon after dad passed out after beating me up. I stumbled into the bathroom, closed the door and locked it, grabbing the razor and cut my skin 10 times, and then  ran out of the door, out of the house, and  down the street. I had to get away from all of the pain that surrounded that house. I started walking again with just a short sleeve shirt and shorts on in the pouring rain. 

I started crying the flashback had ended and I collapsed on the concrete sidewalk and cried. I picked up myself as my head was spinning from cutting myself so much. 

I walked into the park area and found the willow tree. I fell down at the base of the tree hit my head and the last thing I remembered was my name: Nari Nicole Vincent.

Niall's POV:

I had been having a great day so far. The concert this morning went great, there were no complications. After the boys and I went to Nando, ate and saw some fans. All together, today was great, until it started raining. 

I pulled my hood up over my head and put my head down to cover my face. I had told the guys I was going to go for a walk around and would be back in a few hours. 

I walked to a near-by park and looked for a dry place to pull my phone out and text the guys where I was and to come pick me up. I saw a willow tree and ran over to it, as soon as I stepped into the area where it's branches covered me I leaned against the trunk of the willow. A few minutes later I heard footsteps walking, but it sounded like they were stumbling and then I heard a thud and nothing else.

Scared, I walked around to where the sound came from and saw a girl. She looked hurt, I crouched down beside her and tapped on her. 

"Ma'am?" I asked.

No reply came. I got my phone and called Zayn. The phone rang three times and then he picked up.

"Vas Happen-?" Zayn said.
"Zayn I found this girl, she looks hurt and she was alone in the pouring rain here at the willow tree park place. Come quickly!" I interrupted him. 
"Oh, on our way." He said, "be there in five minutes ok?" 
"Just hurry." I said concerned for this girl.

I examined the girl checking if she had anything that could help me identify her. Her hair was a red brown, and she had fair skin. She was skinny but well built. I looked at her arms. I saw blood stream from her inner arm, I turned her arm to see what happened and fell back gasping. She had 10 cuts on her arm, I could tell, these cuts weren't from falling. They were what she did to herself. A tear fell from my eye, but I whipped it away. 

She didn't have a jacket on but there was something in her shorts pocket. It was a phone. I carefully got it out and looked at what was on it. A song was playing, Lullaby by Nickleback. I never heard this song before. I paused the song and looked at her background. It was a young red brown hair girl who looked to be maybe 6 years old and a older woman who looked like the younger girl but looked to be in her late 20s. 

A buzz on my phone brought me back to reality, Zayn was calling so I answered the phone.

"Hey, we're here. Where are you?" Zayn asked.
"The willow tree." I said.
"Ok, Liam and Harry are coming to help." He said.
"Ok." I said then hung up.

A few seconds later Liam and Harry appeared and helped me carry the girls stuff and I picked her up and carried her to Zayn's SUV then we all headed to the ER.

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