What else can go wrong?

Well this is not really a story but most of it is real and it already happend in MY life but the names are changed up and I start at the point when I was at my school in the middle of 3rd grade (I made some change ups) I hope you like it! :)


1. Who is he?


"Hey Jennifer, did you see the new guy in school don't take this the weird way but I think he's kinda hot!!!" I saw this really cute guy in my class and I didn't even know his name and I still liked him... "Yah he is cute what his name?" I wasn't sure wht to say so I said the truth " honestly I don't know" and she looked at me with a weird face and said "and ur telling me u like him? Wow Lyla typical" and I pouted and said " don't be mean its just... I don't know I'll try to get his name by the end of the day and tell you" she rolled her eyes and said "I really don't care as long as I get to talk to him☺" I looked at her weirdly and said " creeper" than recess was over with my annoying lunch lady's blowing their whistles. We walked into our class lines and went to class.


            *skip to end of day*


i figured out his name was Mateo and honestly I couldn't wait to get home and tell my sister myra who I saw it was the end of the day and my bus was called " BUS 2601 IS HERE 2, 6, 0, 1" I had no clue why they had to repeat it like that. My bus was called and I was mad my bus was late acctually I'm used to that because my bust is always late😡 I was walking in the hall when I bumped into to Jennifer I told her "his" name and she kept walking then I looked back at her she was walking backwards saying "why do u care so much?" I started laughing and kept walking to my bus.



             *skip to at home*


"Hey MYRA!!!!" I screamed in my house and she came running downstairs I told her about Mateo and she had and evil grin on her face then she ran around the whole house saying "Mateo Mateo Mateo Mateo" and I gave her and evil stare and she even told my mom I was pissed.

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