Rants of Movellas

My pen name is Movellas Reporter. I warn you before you read this... If you're a One Direction fan... you're gonna be offended.

These are the rants I've posted on the forums. Or maybe some of the movellas I've found that are inappropriate. It's mainly for rants, though.

This is a community movella, so if you have any rant ideas you want me to cover... just leave me a comment and I'll get back to you :)


6. Rant 6.

One rant just leads to another these days, haha.

Rant 6's topic... Hate.

This is more of a general rant with an example... Alright let's get started (rubs hands together.)


So in the last rant, I got some comments from a user named Jade. If you read the last rant... you'd know what I mean. After I posted it, she commented some more. This was the second-to-last comment from her. 

Her comment before this was, "and you're making people feel bad about writing 1d fanfics, so basically you're telling people to stop writing. Hmmmmmmmmmm.

And the one before that, "Your just selfish."

Okay... so just to clarify... I'm not telling anyone to stop writing. I'm telling them not to writing about delicate topics and to decrease the number of fanfics. Not to STOP writing. What am I? A dream-crusher?

I consider, "Your just selfish," kinda like hate. I know it's not very harsh, but rather general but I take it as a form of hate. 

So you're saying you have an opinion and I have my own? You're allowed to call me selfish and I'm not allowed to defend myself? I understand if you want me to take it off for privacy reasons (after I replied to this comment she sent another comment telling me it was invading her privacy and then I blocked the name out.) The thing I'm more upset about is the fact that she sent hate but expected nothing back.


I've seen this on multiple works. Movellians comment some horrible stuff such as, "You're not a bad writer and your plot is bad." This is a made-up example of a scenario. The author would then try to defend him or herself and then the fight begins. I mean if you're commenting that... are you waiting on a brawl to break out? 


I find that some people just want to start fights. I'm more on the side of people trying to defend themselves. 

If you've got nothing nice to say, don't say it at all. 

Or honestly, if you called their writing bad and then found out their age was like 10 or 11, go apologize! It's not their fault that their stories aren't as developed as the stories you buy at stores. But if they're 16 or 17 and write like a 10-year-old... you can be shocked but try not to offend them... Some foul language was involved the last time I did that...

I'm going a bit off topic... but I just want to say... Don't start a fight if you don't expect hate.


Bye-bye :)

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