Rants of Movellas

My pen name is Movellas Reporter. I warn you before you read this... If you're a One Direction fan... you're gonna be offended.

These are the rants I've posted on the forums. Or maybe some of the movellas I've found that are inappropriate. It's mainly for rants, though.

This is a community movella, so if you have any rant ideas you want me to cover... just leave me a comment and I'll get back to you :)


4. Rant 4.

I want to congratulate on Movellas's second published author, ToryB aka Victoria Bush. 

The reason I had to speak on this issue was I wanted to show every writer something. This is a real writer. One who actually deserves to win!

This is a screenshot of her movella that was posted August 8, 2012. 

Two Decaf Coffees and Two Extra-Large Chocolate Doughnuts.

Can anyone see the number of views... likes... and favs?

Favourites Lists: 35

Views: 4503

Likes: 44

She's only 15 years old.

Okay now look at this One Direction fan fiction. 

Stole My Heart. This is the most popular movella on Movellas! Posted July 24, 2012.

Can you see the views... likes... and favs?

Favourite Lists: 6841

Views: 39876

Likes: 5771

She's 18 years old.

Can you tell the difference? I can.

The less popular movella has been published and is being sold online for Kindle.

Where's the more popular movella? On Movellas. 


This is what I mean. You can't really go anywhere with a One Direction Fan fiction. I mean I know about Emily's publishing contract but look at how many people dissed her about her story and how she started with 1D. When you look at Jordan's blog post announcing the publication of Victoria's book... all you see is congratulations. 


I think this is a real work of art. You can clearly see you don't need a fan fiction to get the attention of people. I know it started with a contest but with a little boost, a hidden gem just got noticed. 


I'm not trying to diss HazzaIsMyPrince or Emily or anyone else but HazzaIsMyPrince has the most popular story on here and coincidentally (not) it's a fan fiction. It was a perfect example. 


Thanks for voting for me on The Concrete Awards as Kindest Movellian and Best Profile Pic! Oh and special thanks to Zhuge Liang because he nominated me. Hehe. 

BYE! :)


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