Rants of Movellas

My pen name is Movellas Reporter. I warn you before you read this... If you're a One Direction fan... you're gonna be offended.

These are the rants I've posted on the forums. Or maybe some of the movellas I've found that are inappropriate. It's mainly for rants, though.

This is a community movella, so if you have any rant ideas you want me to cover... just leave me a comment and I'll get back to you :)


22. Rant 22

Date: Tue, 2 Jul 2013 12:05:50 +0100
Subject: Rants of Movella changed to draft
From: zohra@movellas.com
To: movellasreporter@outlook.com

Hello Movellas reporter,   We appreciate all the problems and rants you have posted on Movellas. There have been some concerns flagged by other users. In your Rants Of Movellas Movella you have directly used other users on Movella. Feel free to rant but please blur out names and any other way that specifies other users as this can be offensive and hurt other people's feelings.   We understand your concern and are working to improve Movellas especially concerning 1D fanfic. If you have any other concerns feel free to contact us.   Thanking you for your co-operation and once your post is made anonymous regarding other users (please check this carefully) you can feel free to rant away.       Thanks again,   Zohra   This is the email I got from Zohra... when I came on Movellas like 10 minutes ago... I realized my movella was gone... I was like WTF. Then... I automatically went to my drafts and found it there. Next thing I did was check my email. Ah, there it was. Sitting under my other emails.    I'm gonna reply to her but first I just had to get this out here. Seriously? You acknowledge my rants but the only thing you do is say, "Rant away." SERIOUSLY? At least reply to some of the rants. Give us some confirmation that you're trying, I know you said you are working to improve movellas for the non-1D fans but you also said that last month, two months ago, last year... I mean what's going on?    Btw the names I included... I just took snapshots. Not trying to offend ANY of them. I love this website with my heart and the people who are fair and honest are the ones I like.    Btw a little unrelated but Jordan said he'd look in the IP addresses for the "movellian" who had supposedly made fake accounts... But has anything happened? This movellian even said her friend was mad at her and made ALL those fake accounts. We had a confession... so what happened. I have been absent so I'm so confused. I think I'm done with this website for good. I'm so pissed, it's not even funny.    K I'm publishing this and I'll see what happens, peace out! 
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