Rants of Movellas

My pen name is Movellas Reporter. I warn you before you read this... If you're a One Direction fan... you're gonna be offended.

These are the rants I've posted on the forums. Or maybe some of the movellas I've found that are inappropriate. It's mainly for rants, though.

This is a community movella, so if you have any rant ideas you want me to cover... just leave me a comment and I'll get back to you :)


2. Rant 2.

This isn't along the lines of a rant... maybe it is included in... lets start!

Okay... What I mean is that One Direction Fan Fictions should not be over flowing the website. My question is, has anyone recently taken a look at our precious home page? 


So take a look at this, I've underlined or put a rectangle around the stories/comments/usernames/or updates of the most recent page of the Activity Feed. It's as recent as today at around 4:10pm.

I'm not calling out ANY of these people, this is simply my way of proving the overload of One Direction. I'm positive I've missed a few stories that are One Direction related, I mostly just underlined the ones that actually had the names or songs of One Direction within. 

This pisses me off. I mean that is the Activity Feed for about 7 minutes. Can you seriously believe that so many people have commented on  One Direction Fan Fictions.

Oh, and the fact how so many usernames include a correlation of One Direction. 

60 pages of people whose usernames have "one direction" in it. There are 20 movellians shown on each page. That's 60 x 20 = 1200. I searched up "one direction" under people, and 1200 is the number of movellians that showed up. Imagine how many usernames you would discover if you searched up ALL the names of 1D. A lot. 


I'm pissed at the fact that there are so many accounts and that sometimes these usernames include inappropriate words.

Look at this. Ignore the ones I have not rectangled. The ones that I have... Just take a look. Most have a meaning of 1D attached to it. (E.g. 1d_****_me13494. ****yes1d. ****MeStyles. ****MeStyles.) This is just sad. I actually do wonder how old these immature children are. I mean really, does adding **** make you more superior than everyone else? What's the point? What would happen if a 10 year old by accidentally takes a look at his/her brother/sister's computer and sees one or two of those usernames on the feed. They might be like, "What does **** mean? I wanna **** One Direction, too!" I would be mortified if my bro/sis said that to me.  

Another username that stood out was ****myselfharm. Okay, self harm is a tough subject. I'm sure some will be like, "Ha! So whatever, it's not like a username is anything." Wrong. When people who do self harm look at that... What do you expect them to do?


Take a look at the MOST POPULAR STORIES. This is of all time. Not the month and not one specific genre, but do you see one specific genre up there? I do. It's fan fiction. The first story being Stole My Heart, Only You, Isn't She Lovely, etc. I mean, yes some of these authors and movellas are outstanding and such but some aren't. J.K. is one of the most top-notch writers on this website. Just take a look at her work. Another movella that I think is pretty good is Slave Auction. The reason being, it features the boys as regular guys at school. In J.K.'s, Erica's and Shefancies1D's work I'm pretty sure it's also about the boys being regular people. If you just change the names, I think those stories would be like normal romance novels. 


My question is: Would the results be the same?


You probably are confused as to what the question means. I'm trying to say, do you think these two stories would get the same popularity and maybe to even the second most popular movella or the fourth? I believe both authors are spectacular with minimal to almost no mistakes but I think they would count as hidden gems. You know why? Because most movellians don't bother to go take a look at the movellas with a small amount of reads/favs/likes, unless it's One Direction.That's what's sad to me. I would like to imagine where all these top ten stories would be placed if they were not based on One Direction. I mean, it's still the same plot, still the same author(s) but maybe not the same 5 boys some girls are crazily in love with. Would it make a difference?


So many authors deserve to be up on that screen shot. Has anyone taken a look at Sakura's work. I can't do her fancy name but she should be down in the comments. She's amazing. 'Nuff said. Take a look at Victoriana. The story, the manga, the behind the scenes of Victoriana. Come on! Who doesn't love an amazing writer plus artist! Take a look at her drawings and you'll fall head over heels for her. Another author I know would be Zhuge Liang. Take a look at his stuff! You'll go crazy! We don't have too many male writers on here... I didn't notice him till the past few weeks. I'm glad I noticed his work. You won't regret reading it :)


One last thing, has anyone recently taken a look at the tags?

Other than romance, love, and summer, the rest of the most commonly used tags are directly connected to One Direction. This is what movellas has become. 



Okay this took me about an hour to write. I tried to cover more of One Direction problems this time.... Sorry for so many pictures, I just wanted to take advantage of the new picture feature and write to all of you. Also... it's my fault for the spelling errors and stuff because my head is pounding so I usually write sloppily when I don't feel well. :/



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