Rants of Movellas

My pen name is Movellas Reporter. I warn you before you read this... If you're a One Direction fan... you're gonna be offended.

These are the rants I've posted on the forums. Or maybe some of the movellas I've found that are inappropriate. It's mainly for rants, though.

This is a community movella, so if you have any rant ideas you want me to cover... just leave me a comment and I'll get back to you :)


1. Rant 1.

I'm about to rant my head off... so please leave if you're just gonna comment something stupid.

Has anyone ever realized the fact that so many movellas are being favourited, liked and viewed, just because of their plot? 

In most, the grammar and spelling are horrible! One example could be:
he wakled down the stares and smiles at me i gvie him a big smile bk.

Okay what's wrong in this sentence:
- It's walked not wakled
- It's stairs not stares
- Give not gvie
- Back not bk

Someone invented spell check for a reason! 

But you know what... People are still interested in reading the crap. They get what? 100 favs? 200 favs? Sometimes over 800!

What's the story about?
- One Direction has one night stands
- Someone from One Direction got me pregnant
- I just met One Direction and blah blah blah fell for me
- The second I looked into (insert someone's name) I knew he would be the one
- He cheated on me. He should have told me the truth
- One Direction and I go way back! We were the best of friends. Now they're back and now we're older... We can finally give the love thing a try.
- He broke my heart. I will be using him as my rebound.
- One Direction kidnaps me. 
- One Direction rapes me. 
- I meet One Direction but they hate me. Soon enough, they start to see who I really am and they start to fall for me.
- One Direction and I go to school together.
- I'm being bullied and hurray! One Direction comes to my rescue. 

Happily ever after! Woo hoo!

I used One Direction so much because this site is flooded with 1D movellas. Look at the popular page. They should just change this to a 1D fanfic site. It would be far more popular that way anyways. No one else gets a chance.

Okay... How many versions of these have you seen? They all start the same way! It's predictable and you sometimes these so called "writers" have not gone through the experience of being kidnapped or raped so they think it's a good thing.

Oh my gosh! One Direction kidnapped/raped me! I'm so excited to see what they're going to do to me! 

Okay little kids, why don't you go talk about your little rape stories somewhere else. Maybe it'll change your mind after you've actually been raped. 

Raping and Kidnapping are 2 very strong topics. It's not something you can just make fun of. It's something that can emotionally scar someone. 

First of many rants.

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