My Life

This is just... About me and my life, what goes on in it. For yall to get to know me :)


1. About Me

      Oooook! So. I'm Frannie, but I actually go by the nickname Lane. I'm 14, going on 15 this May (2013), and I absolutely LOVE my life! Although it can be sucky sometimes. Well, my motto is Carpe Diem, Sieze the Moment. OOOH new story title! Haha, well, I love writing! But I don't do much of it because I get caught up in it, rush into it, and well, feels. If you're a Directioner like me, you know how that feels.

     I have dark brown hair that's kind of reddish because I dye it every week, and it goes a little bit past my shoulders. I'm 5'4", my skin is a shade darker than caramel, and my eyes are dark brown too. I have braces, and I get them off this year I think, then I get two retainers. Yay! But it's just regular retainers, not like, the headgear sort of thing. I'm not fat, but I'm not the skinniest either! I'm average sized. It's just muscle. Heh heh...

     I'm not the atheletic type, but I play two real sports -- volleyball and football. Other "sports" I play are kickball, dodgeball, and yeah. That's it! I'm not flexible so bye bye cheerleading and dance team. Didn't want to be on those teams anyways, a bunch of stuck up snobby bitches are on there! Well, at least at my school... Ugh. School. The only thing I look forward to school for is to see my friends and my boyfriend.

    It's actually funny because me and my best friend are going out with two other best friends. So we all became best friends, Charlie asked Ashley out, and then Aaron asked me out :). And we're all best friends. WOW. LOL. Weeeeeell. I think that's it about me... Wait, nope!

     I have a really weird past. My heart's been broken too many times by one guy, I almost went emo and goth a couple of times, and if it wasn't for my friends and my boyfriend, I probably would be emo at the moment. You know, like those crazy and fun emos! YEEEAH.

     I'm in band, I play the drums. DRUMMERS UNITEEEE!!!!!!!! All my brothers except for 4 are drummers. The other 6 are and they're amazing. NOTE when I say my siblings, they're not really my siblings but we're really close. So saying that, I have 16 siblings -- 10 brothers and 6 sisters. And I love them all. Lets see if I can name all of them... Brothers: Nick, Chandler, Chris, Sam D., Sam C., Troy, Dalton, Charlie, Josh, and Jericho. The first 6 are the drummers. And sisters: Ashley, Mary, Cidney, Masie, Kathryn, and Julia. Then I have best friends. You see, siblings and best friends are SO different. Like, Ashley, Dalton, Josh, Jericho and Chandler, I've been knowing them longer than anyone else, I grew up with them. And they are my cousins. I went to elementary school with Mary, then I transferred to another school and met Chandler, Jericho, Dalton, Josh, and Ashley, but Mary and I didn't really talk. All the rest are just super close.

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