Sierra Malik was a quiet girl who watched her brother get famous in the blink of and eye. She hasn't seen Zayn since the last episode of the X-Factor when the boys got third place.

After two years of not seeing her brother he finally comes home for a week then leaves again. Two months later a plane ticket comes in the mail for and she is off to live with her brother.

Read to find out what happens with Zayn and the boys.


3. Blink: Chapter 3

Zayn POV


I have been waiting at the airport for mum and Sierra for ages. I waited a little bit longer and I was just about to text mum and ask where she was but then I saw her and Sierra walking towards me and I got up leaving my suit cases near the chair and ran up and gave mum and Sierra a hug each. I was so happy about finally seeing them after almost two years I started crying. I suddenly got worried. What if Sierra thought I abandoned her and now she hates me? What if she changed? All those worries quickly left my mind when she said that she missed me so much and never wants me to leave again. This broke my heart because I knew I had to leave her and mum in only a short week then me and the boys have to go to New York to start our World tour. I wiped the sad look off my face and asked Sierra and mum how they were going and what they've been up to since I lost all contact a few months after we came third in the X-Factor.

Sierra POV

It was my brother Zayn I missed him so much. I wondered how long he's staying but I realized those questions could wait when he hugged me. Oh, how I missed his hugs.

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