Sierra Malik was a quiet girl who watched her brother get famous in the blink of and eye. She hasn't seen Zayn since the last episode of the X-Factor when the boys got third place.

After two years of not seeing her brother he finally comes home for a week then leaves again. Two months later a plane ticket comes in the mail for and she is off to live with her brother.

Read to find out what happens with Zayn and the boys.


2. Blink: Chapter 2

Sierra POV

The sunlight peeking through the curtains caused me to wake up from a good dream about me and Zayn being reunited again and I was the newest sixth member of One Direction. I can play guitar and sing a little. I don't think im that good at singing but my best friends Lilac and Britt say I should audition for the X-Factor like my brother. i stopped thinking about my brother because i knew it would get me upset. i went downstairs towards the smell of pancakes up my nostrils. "Morning darling" my mum called from the kitchen "Morning mum" i replied. i walked into the kitchen and saw a stack of pancakes sitting on a plate on the counter top and grabbed one and sat at the table and started nibbling at the edges of it. "I've got a surprise for you today dear, go and get showered and dressed quickly" mum said. i walked up the stairs wondering what the surprise was. i grabbed a towel out of the cupboard then walked in to my ensuite and stripped off avoiding looking in the mirror because i was very self conscious and stepped into the steaming shower. i stood there for a while letting the hot water trickle over my body thinking what the surprise was. I jumped out of the shower and dried my self off. i walked over to my walk in wardrobe and pulled out some smokey black skinnies, a red and black checkered shirt and black flats. i brushed my long wavy black hair and pulled it over my left shoulder. i put on some mascara and a swipe of lip gloss. i walked down the stairs and mum was already done and waiting for me. we hopped in the car and she started driving. we soon arrived at the airport and i asked my why we were here, "to pick up your brother of course" she said like i should have known. i was excited, i hadn't seen Zayn in ages but I was afraid he had changed and wasn't as fun as he used to be.

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