Sierra Malik was a quiet girl who watched her brother get famous in the blink of and eye. She hasn't seen Zayn since the last episode of the X-Factor when the boys got third place.

After two years of not seeing her brother he finally comes home for a week then leaves again. Two months later a plane ticket comes in the mail for and she is off to live with her brother.

Read to find out what happens with Zayn and the boys.


1. Blink: Chapter 1

Hey guys I'm Sierra Malik, yes the sister of famous Zayn Malik but don't get too excited. I feel like just another fan who will never meet him because I haven't seen him in almost two years. Crappy brother, I know. But maybe it's not his fault, maybe he's really busy and I'm proud of him and all but I thought family comes before fame. Whatever. Anyway, I'm 17 three years younger than Zayn and he and I used to be really close but ever since he became a member of One Direction we've kinda drifted apart.

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