Mary Kate would like you to know that she's having a very hard time

This is my story. It will contain rants, sappy letters, crappy stories, ASDFGHJKL moments, and the all together recollection of my hilariously loser-ish life.


26. The year of the wat.

Hello my friends! On this not so fine Illinois day I would like to talk about my plans for 2014. It's official name is....*drum roll please*... THE YEAR OF THE WAT. In the glorious year of two thousand and fourteen I have decided that this is going to be my year of asking questions, taking risks, and all together getting myself out of my comfort zone...which includes writing and eating potato chips 13 hours a day. At this point I seriously think I'm 90% potato. BUT I DIGRESS! One of the things I plan to do is to get out of my little circle of friends more often, and to meet new people. Now this is in fact my biggest goal seeing as I'm an anti social bitch most of the time, but whatever. The rest of my goal are little things like have neater handwriting, stop world hunger, close the hole in the ozone layer, you know, all the stuff that's much easier than me making friends. Another one of my goals is to get into the second course of spanish in year 9. I don not EVER want to go through the last two halves  of spanish 1 EVER AGAIN. So my goal is to test out of one, and into 2 by the end of the year. I don't expect these to be fast moving goal or anything, I simply want them to happen, so wish me luck!
                                                                                     Love Always,

                                                                                               Mary Kate

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