Mary Kate would like you to know that she's having a very hard time

This is my story. It will contain rants, sappy letters, crappy stories, ASDFGHJKL moments, and the all together recollection of my hilariously loser-ish life.


29. The Orange Juice

"Get it!" Lavin shouts to Brittany as the ball comes rocketing over the net. Brittany obliges, laying herself out on the court and saving the ball from it's certain doom. "Here!" Taylor yells, setting herself up to spike it off of Lavin's bump. "It's coming to you Mary Kate!" She yells to me as the ball takes a wrong bounce off of the top of her arm. falling to the back row. Hearing my name snapped me out of my daze of watching the front court, I bent down and extended my arms, closing my eyes as the ball made contact with  my forearms. I snapped them back open, just in case it came back sooner than expected. It sailed over the net, towards a small blonde girl clad in eye blinding yellow. Her eyes got as wide as saucer plates, and she extended her arms in vain as she shut her eyes tight in preparation for impact. It went to her right, missing her by a mere inch, maybe less. I felt Caitlin and Mia slapping my back in praise for the save. I muttered a thanks before getting back into position for the next volley. I saw her in front of me as I rotated to the front line. Katelynn. The girl I would much rather hit in the face with a ball than hope she served crooked. It was Olivia up to serve, her unstable style of serving set butterflies into my stomach before the ball even rolled over to her.  She threw it up, her breathing steady as she extended her fist up to the ball, it just barely skimmed over the net before landing on the forearms of Katelynn, sending it arching over the net, and straight to me. Katlynn stumbled off of the hit so I took my chance, taking two small steps before it could get lower in the air. The ball conected with the heel of my out stretched hand, sending it darting into the open court that Katelynn had failed to cover. I smirked at her shocked face that the little fat girl from her gym class had gained the edge on her 5 ft 11 frame.  The ball was sent back to Olivia, her method proving inaccurate seeing as it hit the next on it's voyage over. The other team rotated to a girl named Kelly to serve, her overhand came over like bullets and stung for a while after impact, if you were lucky enough to save it. It came over faster than expected, I outstretched my arms quickly but incorrectly, seeing as it shot straight up. Brittany took her opportunity from cross court, taking two large steps and sending it straight back over off of a spike. I smiled, giving her a highfive knowing full well she may have just saved the game for us. We rotated again, bringing us to Taylor to serve. She'd gotten tennis elbow earlier in the season, causing her to only be able to serve underhand. It bounced off of her hand and straight to the back row, but the whistle blew unexpectedly. She had stepped over the line, causing an automatic infraction, and the ball to go to the other teams serve. The back and forth of rotating in and out tired our moral out by the the time the 15 point third period came about. I had served 7 straight before the front row failed to save the last spike. It was 14 to 6 and we were severely dragging. Katelynn came up to the serve line, and her ball went straight to Mia, who paniced. The game was over, our season was gone, and my last year in OYA volleyball had come to a disappointing end. Great season Orange Juice, I hope to meet you all again somewhere down the road. Thanks for making my last season my favorite, and allowing me to get to the playoffs one last time girls. 

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