Mary Kate would like you to know that she's having a very hard time

This is my story. It will contain rants, sappy letters, crappy stories, ASDFGHJKL moments, and the all together recollection of my hilariously loser-ish life.


32. The omegle adventure

Okay I'm sorry but I can't deal with sad. When my grandparents died I couldn't properly deal with it, when my dog died I couldn't deal with it, when Mrs. Johnson died I couldn't deal with it, and now this man who I barely knew has horribly been taken, and I still can't deal with it. To sort of offset the sad I suppose, My friends and I had a sleepover. The one in the green is me, the girl in the dark blue in the front is Bekah (Thewitchwithoutherletter), The brunette next to me is Amanda, the little one on Amanda's back is Taylor (Bekah's smallest sister), and the one on my back is Faith (Next youngest). None of use really knew how to be happy when this horrible thing had happened, but just us being together and being ourselves made us all feel a bit better. We realized that Mr. Reilly wouldn't want anyone to remember him just as how he died, but instead as how he lived his entirely to short life to the fullest. So lets begin the happier side of the story shall we? I got to Bekah's house and we quickly realized that it was going to be a couple hours before we could make the entire block trek over to Hayley's. So naturally we decided to play street hockey for a bit. After we got bored of street hockey, Bekah's little siblings Danny, Faith and Taylor came outside and we just kind of had a full out do whatever the puck you want party outside. I was carrying around Taylor and racing Amanda who was carrying Faith, Danny and Bekah were playing soccer in the culdesac, Sarah was trying to climb the tree, and all the while Bekah's dad was inside watching us all without really saying much.  I can happily say that I've gained the Perkin's family seal of approval since all three of the young ones thought I was fantastic  (Taylor's word I may add)  and her dad seemed to like me well enough. When the time had come to go to Hayley's, I was kind of sad to part with the newly found friends I had in the young ones. Alas, the night ahead promised to be stabtacular so we had to get a move on. We collected our things, bid our farewells, and headed out down the street to HayHay's.  In the maybe 5 minutes it took us to get there, Amanda had already mind raped an inflatable turkey, and run like an anime ninja. We arrived at the promise land, otherwise known as Hayley's, and began plotting our llamarmy triumph.  First on our list was an omegle hunt for creepers or amazing people, whichever came first. We set up the laptop, got round the camera and went to the site where all people really want to do is expose their. We clicked the button that sealed our fate, and began. "I should warn you May Kay" Bekah, who was beside me, began with a smirk. "If you've never seen a dick before, you're about to" THAT WASN'T A PROMISING SIGN BEX. Her prediction held true as I turned out, for the first thing that came up was said image. We dragged this on for a while before ineviably giving up our quest for a while. Its all kind of a blur after that. Amanda trying to seduce Hayley's brother Joey, a shitload of anime, and a lot of popcorn. BEST NIGHT EVER GIRLYS.  I was a bit tired for testing the next morning at my future high school, but those girls were 100% worth it.

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