Mary Kate would like you to know that she's having a very hard time

This is my story. It will contain rants, sappy letters, crappy stories, ASDFGHJKL moments, and the all together recollection of my hilariously loser-ish life.


25. One wishes to acquaint your face with a mortar module used for building structures

That was the most polite way to say I wanted to smack a girl in the face...with a brick.  And today, I didn't quite get that, but I did get to see her suffer a bit which just made my whole day.  There was and "Alternative" girl at school, or at least she likes to call herself that, who just loves to point out my insecurities or faults  eeevery damn chance she gets. Oh but of course when she needs my brains to help her pass a class, shes my best friend in the entire world. So anyway, her and her little groupie (I forgot to mention her name is Josie and her "bestfriend" is Sam) Sam are in my gym class whilst I have two of my best friends Shelby, and Hayley with me. So Shelby, Hayley and I usually end up making a group of three since...well...We hate everyone else in the class. Getting to the point! We are starting our volleyball unit right? And Mr. Dexter tells us to get into pairs, so as normal Shelby Hayley and I make our little pack and wait for the whistle to start. To our mild enjoyment we saw Josie without her precious Sam, Sam having joined another one of the plastics in our class instead. In a slight downfall, Hayley was pulled away from us to be Josie's partner. However, Josie was somewhat less than thrilled to be even near yours truly, so in the end it was worth it.And if I may say so myself, she SUCKED at volleyball. She and her self-dyed-blue-hair can kiss my ass and sit idle whilst I actually enjoy the unit.  For all you Danosaurs out there, you'll enjoy this next bit. One my way out of class she came up to me, blocking my was out, and was like "Hey Mary You should be my partner for volleyball!" and I looked at her, looked to Shelby, who looked horrified, looked back to Josie and said (with a snobbish look to my face) "Step aside peasant!" quickly pushed her aside and walked away before I could start laughing again.  

P.S. Oh Oh Oh! This is just a minor add on which has nothing to do with my story but theres another girl named.....Shmatelynn...who has hated me since the moment she saw me, and there was a particular moment during a dodgeball game that she quite nearly broke me, but failed because I had Bekah with me. ANYWAY!  I had a dream the other night of a dodgeball court, just a simple gym court. And on one side was me and bekah, and on the other was Shmatelynn. She ran up to me, and started trying to apologize to me and such. So I looked up at her and (it was like in the books where they say "with icy eyes") said "One choice can destroy you, and you chose wrong". I woke up extremely proud of myself.


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